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Forspoken star Ella BalinskaForspoken star Ella BalinskaElla
Ella Balinska’s resemblance with Frey Holland is uncanny

Forspoken is out and has had mixed reviews so far. Apparently, it takes anywhere from 11 to 15 hours to beat the game—depending on how far you explore. Those that choose the path of exploration, will find tons of rewards that can be used to upgrade Frey’s spell.

However, finding your way into some of the places you need to explore can be a hard nut to crack. One such place is the Kloros Guild which you will find in Praenost. You need a certain type of magic to gain access to this guild.

Forspoken is an action RPG release from Square Enix. The game has been widely criticized for poor storytelling and endless back and forth—and some of the tricks in the game require back-and-forth travels.

Forspoken got a jab below the belt from Danny Lore pointing out myriads of flaws in the graphics—like snow in December while the ground remains dry—and gameplay. Several commenters on a related post on EW lashed out at everything else about the game.

Forspoken was criticized by commenters on EW

However, there are other groups of gamers that think the perceived flaws are not as big as people are making them seem. This category of critics believes the only reason the game is being criticized is that it casts a person of color protagonist (Ella Balinska). For us at GameBaba Universe, our only concern is the $70 price tag which is a bit steep.

Some believe the criticism is because the protagonist is a person of color

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If you are the type that really doesn’t listen to criticism and chooses to experience Forspoken on PlayStation 5 or the demo on PC, one of the first things that you will discover is that treasures are hidden in plain sight.

However, since Athia (the fantasy world that Frey explores) is crawling with magic, you will need special crafts to access certain treasures.

How to gain entry into Kloros Guild in Forspoken

Firstly, you need to beat Tanta Sila and obtain the Zip ability to get a shot at making it into the Kloros Guild. When you have obtained this ability, return to Kloros Guild and stand in such a way that the tower will be on the right side of the screen while you are directly facing a rock formation.

forspoken Kloros Guild rock first climb

Using the zip ability, pull yourself up onto the shorter rock formation or use magic parkour to get on it—albeit the former is easier. While standing on the smaller rock, turn to the left to find a slightly higher rock. Use the zip ability to get on it.

Forspoken Kloros Guild rock climb step 2

Slightly to the right from the top of the second rock, you will find the third formation. Use your newly acquired ability to get on it too. This rock formation is closer to the Kloros Guild. Gradually you will find yourself circling back to the tower.

Forspoken Kloros Guild rock climb step 3

While on this third rock formation, turn around and face the Guild and you should find a balcony with a doorway. Use your zip ability to get up there.

Forspoken Kloros Guild rock climb alternate guild entrance

Once you are in the Kloros Guild, you will face the Nightmare. Tanta Sila magic deals the most damage against the Nightmare. Once you have defeated the Nightmare, there is a treasure chest in the center of the hall for you to open. Inside you will find the Kloros Guild reward.

Forspoken Kloros Guild nail reward

The reward in this Guild is a set of polished nails that extends the duration of Frey’s magic on enemies. That is just one of the many other treasure hunts in Forspoken.

How to unlock Partha in Forspoken

Partha in Forspoken

One of the reasons why Forspoken stretches to about 15 hours is because of the mini-games called Partha. The game involves rolling tooth-shaped dice into a bowl. Depending on the symbol on the dice, Frey can get different rewards including higher health regeneration. This can come in handy in tough boss fights.

You will find Partha bowls tucked away in Safe Areas scattered on Forspoken’s large map. The first of the will be in the city of Cipal. You will unlock them in Chapter Three of the main story. To unlock more Partha spots, visit the Shady Tree pub and interact with the Partha bowl.

Forspoken the shady tree Partha location in Cipal

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Through the interaction, the system will be explained and Frey will learn more about the game. When you roll the dice and the blank side is up, you will not get any buff. Only the side with an inscription offers a buff to players.

While you can spend Old Coins found throughout Forspoken to upgrade Frey, Partha is a fun alternative to do so—although it is based on luck. Interestingly, the blank side is one of the four possible outcomes of rolling the dice. The other three sides have small symbols inscribed on them that offer different buffs.

Forspoken Partha dice seed
  • The seed boosts Frey’s health regeneration
  • Spear shape will boost her magic
  • The last symbol which is a bit awkward increases her defense

It may be a good idea to play Partha when you are about to face a challenge because the buffs are temporary. However, they can last you for an extended period—time enough to beat a boss fight. It is important to note that Partha can only be rolled once a day.