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We are excited that you are interested in being a contributor at GameBaba Universe and we cannot wait to read your unique and creative story.

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Writing for GameBaba Universe is a way to show off your creativity as well as expand your writing portfolio. Our writers get social media exposures that can help them grow in their individual writing careers. Writing for us can be the stepping stone toward landing your dream job in the gaming industry.

Take your time to read through our contributor guidelines to minimize the chance of getting your submission rejected. We hate to toss all that hard work and creativity out of the window.

What We Want

Successful guest posts ooze creativity in the writing style and presentation. It should be apt and easy to read and comprehend—even for a teenager. They should be informational and keep the reader engaged until the very last sentence. To increase the chance of your guest post making it to publication;

  • Make sure it is relevant to the gaming industry. We prefer posts that are longer than 700 words.
  • Ensure that the post is well-researched and adds value to the reader.
  • Certify that all claims are fact-checked and hyperlinked to credible sources.
  • The post should be interspersed with subheadings labeled H2 or H3 in the submission.
  • Make sure your post is based on fact rather than on rumors or fiction.

Topics we cover

GameBaba Universe Contributor

GameBaba Universe is dedicated to gamers. Therefore, we only publish posts about gaming and the gaming industry. If your post does not in any way link to the gaming industry, GameBaba Universe may not be the right home for it. We will only accept clear and compelling content in the following categories;

Before sending news, walkthroughs, or reviews, please go through our published posts to make sure that it is not already published. We do not publish duplicate content on our blog because it will negatively impact our ranking.

Benefits of writing for GameBaba Universe

With over 50,000 and growing monthly visitors, you are sure that your story will be widely read. Also, all-high quality articles are included in our monthly newsletter which will further spread the reach of your content—and build your profile. We will also promote your post on different social media platforms.

Because we are a fast-rising publisher in the gaming industry, it is easier to get your article published on GameBaba Universe than most other publishers in the industry. Writing for GameBaba Universe is also a way of building your backlink profile. We allow 1 (one) do-follow backlink to your personal website.

If for any reason your submission will not be published, we will personally reach out to you to tell you why we will not publish your post as well as give you hints on how to improve the post or write a better one that will tick all our publication boxes.

Unfortunately, GameBaba Universe doesn’t pay contributors at this time. However, as we continue to grow, we definitely have plans to pay our contributors for all their efforts. Hopefully, it will not take long for this to change.

Submission Guidelines

Write for GameBaba Universe

All submissions will be thoroughly scrutinized by dedicated and hardworking editors at GameBaba Universe. Only posts that pass our editor’s quality standards will be published. Editors reserve the right to make minor edits and alterations to your submission.

  • Your submission should be at least 700+ words in length
  • Once your submission is published on GameBaba Universe, it cannot be published anywhere else, including personal blogs.
  • If we accept your submission, we will reach out to you to send relevant images. Readers are encouraged to include videos and images in their posts as this increases the readability of the post. The ideal image size is 1,200 x 700 pixels.
  • Make sure your post is plagiarism-free and the submitted images should not violate copyright laws.
  • We get 20 to 50 submissions per month. Therefore, it may sometimes take longer for us to get back to you on the status of your submission. However, if you don’t hear from us after 14 days, it may be because we lost track of your submission. If that happens, shoot us a reminder at

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