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What’s Special About The New Remix Special Edition Xbox Controller?

Xbox wireless controller remix special edition (Photo credit Xbox)

Game controllers heaped in the trash can. Perpetually plugged console guzzling energy from the power grid. Gamers contribute significantly to environmental pollution in different ways. Microsoft wants to change the narrative with the new “Remix Special Edition” Xbox controller.

Special remix edition Microsoft Xbox controller
Photo credit: Xbox

The news was first posted on the Xbox blog on April 4 by Daniel Ruiz, Senior Marketing Manager, Xbox Accessories. According to the company, the new controller is made partly from reclaimed plastic water jugs, old CDs, automotive headlight covers, Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack, and old controller parts. The new wireless controller was announced ahead of Earth Day.

“To celebrate this [year’s Earth Day], we’ve created an Xbox controller that features recovered plastics with one-third of it made from regrind and reclaimed materials,” Ruiz wrote in the blog post.

According to Microsoft, the mixing of regrind and post-consumer recycled resins creates earth-tone colors with subtle variations in texture, markings, and swirling. In simple terms, one Remix Special Edition Xbox controller will be uniquely different from another. No two controllers will have identical tones and textures.

Microsoft Xbox controller
Photo credit: Xbox

The company defines “regrind” as a process of mechanically crushing parts from Xbox One generation controllers into raw materials that will be used as part of a precursor for creating new controllers. The Remix Special Edition is a demonstration of how Xbox is trying to reduce waste and use less new plastic.

Also, Remix Special Edition Xbox controller is a smart way of raising the consciousness of gamers to the environmental impact of their gaming habits. This is commendable considering the volume of waste emerging from the gaming industry.

“Our goal is to bring fans along with us on our journey towards greater sustainability across the Xbox product portfolio,” Ruiz wrote.

The Remix Special Edition controller was inspired by earth

Firstly, Xbox wants fans to know that this is a collective journey they are ready to walk with them. To learn more about the company’s commitments as well as to explore the collection of Remix Special Edition controllers that make use of less plastic, visit the Xbox Sustainability Hub.

“The re-launch of our Xbox Design Labs has pushed the boundaries even further with the addition of 15 new colors for our custom-designed controllers that contain postconsumer recycled plastic, and more colors are coming in the future,” the company wrote on their website.

Xbox wireless controller remix special edition (Photo credit Xbox)
Photo credit: Xbox

The Remix Special Edition controller creates variant bright earth-tone colors that give a serene vibe. According to the company, the bright green D-pad and deeper green front case of the Remix Special Edition controller were inspired by lichens found in the Pacific Northwest Forest.

The triggers, bumpers, and side grip areas “feature topographic texture patterns” that mimic the dynamic landscape of the earth. Gamers are also assured that the design alterations will not negatively impact the tactility of the pads.

Remix Special Edition controller solves one of the biggest frustrations among gamers

One of the biggest frustrations that Xbox controller users have complained about is how quickly it drains the power from disposable batteries. The new Remix Special Edition controller comes with an Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack which can be plugged into the controller instead of using disposable batteries.

According to the company, the battery pack can be plugged in while in use. Alternatively, you can charge it up at the end of your playing session. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the rechargeable battery pack. However, it will provide up to 30 hours of battery life for your controller per charge.

It has also become easier to use headphones with the new Remix Special Edition controller, thanks to a 3.5mm stereo headset jack on the controller. This should come in handy during an online gaming event with friends.

With the Xbox Accessories app for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, you can customize the button mapping. Also, using Bluetooth technology, the controller can be used on PC and mobile devices.

The Remix Special Edition controller is available for preorder globally for $84.99 MSRP. The controller will be released on April 18, a few days before Earth Day. It may interest you to know that the Remix Special Edition controller is still reasonably cheaper than the Xbox Elite Wireless controller.

Microsoft has a larger plan for sustainability

Double Microsoft Xbox controller
Photo credit: Xbox

Microsoft is showing huge commitment towards lowering their plastic use across their different products. In 2021, the company unveiled the “Ocean Plastic Mouse” which incorporated up to 20% recycled plastic.

“By 2030, our goal is that all Microsoft products packaging will be 100% recyclable,” the company wrote on its website. “On our way to achieving that target, we’ll eliminate single-use plastics in our product packaging in 2025. We have already converted our Xbox gift card from plastic to paperboard, reducing over 500,000 kg of plastic annually.”

Although there have been debates on whether recycling actually reduces waste. Many analysts say it simply slows down the rate of litter. Nevertheless, it is still a step away from the current consumption-on-steroids that humans are used to.

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