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Nintendo Switch Online

Fans of Nintendo Switch Online have a reason to be excited. The gaming giant has just added four new titles to the online service—one for NES, one for SNES, and two for Game Boy. Without a doubt, Nintendo Switch is the company’s most successful console to date.

Two features of the Nintendo Switch that have endeared it to gamers are the fact that it can be hooked to the television for a bigger display and players can take it along with them wherever they go. In addition to that, there is a vast library of games for players to choose from.

With its large library that goes back many decades, Nintendo Switch also makes it possible for gamers that want to relive their childhood games to go back in time. Most consoles quickly move on from older titles but Nintendo is putting in work to preserve the memories from its previous consoles—and that is commendable.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Photo credit: Michael Adeleye/Pexels)

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The latest games added to Nintendo Switch Online are BurgerTime Deluxe and Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Both games were added to the Game Boy library, increasing the game tally in that catalog to 11. Also, Xevious and Side Pocket have been added to NES and SNES libraries respectively.

A peek at the newly added games to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

All four games are now available on Nintendo Switch Online service and can be found in the respective console sections. So far, there are 11 Game Boy Color and Game Boy available on Switch Online subscription. In addition to that, there are 7 Game Boy Advance games accessible through its Expansion Pack tier.

Earlier in March 2023, Nintendo announced that it would add Metroid Fusion to the Game Boy Advance library. There is a whole archive of Game Boy games that Nintendo has confirmed it will add to the service in the near future. They include Kirby Tilt & Tumble, Pokemon: Trading Card Game, and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels)

Also, Nintendo has said it will expand the Game Boy Advance catalog on its Nintendo Switch Online to include Golden Sun, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Below are details of all the newly added games to the Nintendo Switch Online network.

Kirby’s Dream Land 2

In the Kirby series, Kirby’s Dream Land 2 was the third. It was released on NES after Kirby’s Adventure. In the game, Kirby can ride three animal friends—Kine the sunfish, Coo the owl, and Rick the hamster—and use their unique abilities in the process.

The sole goal is to help Kirby solve the mystery of the missing bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands. To get to the root of the mystery, Kirby will have to fight King Dedede and his minions.

BurgerTime Deluxe

This is the evolved sequel to BurgerTime, a classic arcade game from Data East. It is also available on Game Boy. In the game, Chef Peter Pepper will have to whip hamburgers together quickly while avoiding food-based enemies.

To make the ultimate burger, you have to transverse through an action-packed kitchen to bring together the ingredients that you need.

Side Pocket

The pool-themed game got its first release on arcade and NES before finding its way to SNES in 1993. Starting from Los Angeles with 16 shots, players have to travel across America clearing tables (to top up their shots). The game has a Trick Shot mode with 19 stages.

Side Pocket has solo and multiplayer modes and there is an array of trick shots that players can try out to clear the table.


This is a vertically scrolling shoot-‘em-up 1983 arcade game by Namco. The player controls a fighter plane known as Solvalou Fighter. The player makes use of guns to shoot down airborne enemies and bombs to destroy ground enemies.

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In Xevious, you are literally humanity’s last hope against the sinister Xevious collective. The game stands apart from its mid-80s contemporaries by parading unique enemies and a bunch of hidden gameplay features.

Which of these games did you grow up with? Are you excited to have them back on the Nintendo Switch Online service? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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