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Finnish fashion brand, Makia, has launched a new fashion line which they call ‘Alan Wake – Stories from Darkness’. The fashion line draws inspiration from Alan Wake 2 which launched on 27 October 2023. The Alan Wake collection includes jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and caps, all themed around the cult of the game.

New Alan Wake 2 Line By Finnish Fashion Brand Is A Stunner

“The unisex streetwear collection draws inspiration from the nightmarish world of Alan Wake and the enigmatic Cult of Tree,” Makia explained on their website. “Characterized by the cult’s emblems and deer masks worn by the cultists, the collection evokes the eerie and unsettling feel of a small town with a big secret”.

Those who love the collection can get it from or through Makia’s concept stores located in Helsinki, Raisio, and Oulu. Although Makia ships outside of Finland, Alan Wake 2 enthusiasts who want to rock the Makia Alan Wake brand in the UK are required to spend at least €200 (approx. £175) to qualify for shipping.

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Fans of the brand and those who have tried the Makia Alan Wake brand have spoken highly of it. Thomas Puha, the Communications Director at Remedy Entertainment spoke highly about the collection through a tweet.

New Alan Wake 2 Line By Finnish Fashion Brand Is A Stunner

“The quality of the Makia Alan Wake 2 items is superb,” Puha wrote. “The craftsmanship is excellent. Been wearing most of the collection for quite a while. This was one thing I had some control over in this project, so for me personally, this collection is huge, and a dream come true.”

Makia has set the lofty ambition of going above and beyond to “minimize the problem of getting dressed appropriately”. In their journal titled “Through the rough seas”, the Makia poetically highlighted how the brand was born in the harbor of Helsinki and has stood the test of time.

Huge post-launch updates planned for Alan Wake 2

New Alan Wake 2 Line By Finnish Fashion Brand Is A Stunner

Alan Wake 2 is thirteen years away from the first, but Remedy and players are excited about the outcome. The game has received lots of accolades since its launch. On Metacritic, the score aggregator website, the game had an average score of 89 at the time of writing this post with generally favorable reviews.

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However, Remedy is not done with the game yet. The studio announced that Alan Wake 2 will get a New Game Plus mode in a post-launch update. However, the exact time that will happen remains unknown. Like most games, the New Game Plus mode will allow players to jump back into the game with all their unlocked weapons and upgrades.

In addition to that, Remedy has promised that the New Game Plus mode will come with a Nightmare difficulty level and a “new alternative narrative, including new manuscript pages and new video content.”

The launch trailer released a day before the launch of the game took fans on a ride through some of the enemies that they would encounter in the game. It did enough to showcase the dark side of the game without revealing too much.

New Alan Wake 2 Line By Finnish Fashion Brand Is A Stunner

“Ritualistic murders in a small town,” read the launch trailer description. “An FBI agent looking for answers, and a writer looking for an escape from the nightmare he is writing. Who is the victim, and who is the monster?”

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October has seen the release of really great games including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Remedy had to delay Alan Wake 2 for ten days so that its release doesn’t clash with other big titles—which was really a smart thing to do. Game sales can tank if released very close to other big titles since some gamers will be forced to pick one over the other.

Since it’s already close to Halloween, most players will be glad to get into the mood of the celebration with Alan Wake 2. Another high-profile horror reboot Alone in the Dark was meant to be released on October 29. However, it has now been delayed until 16 January 2024.

Sam Lake, the creative director of Alan Wake 2 has revealed that the game will have two paid expansions. Gamers are spoilt for choice at the moment and the heat will be felt by their pockets.

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