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The extent of the damage done by the Rhysida attack on Insomniac last December is still unfolding. The attackers leaked over 1.7 terabytes of data after Insomniac refused to pay a ransom. Recently some data scrappers stumbled on a trailer for the canceled multiplayer game called Spider-Man The Great Web and leaked it online.

Spider-Man The Great Web was designed to be a multiplayer game that could host up to five players. However, as revealed by the leak, Sony turned down the idea. Based on the leaked trailer, Spider-Man The Great Web appeared polished and ready for market.

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It featured a host of Spider characters—some of whom you may be familiar with from the animated movies Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse. One of the prominent Spider characters featured in the leaked trailer is Gwen Stacy, the white and black suit-donning Spider-Woman. Gwen has a slew of abilities including:

  • Superhuman agility, durability, speed, and strength
  • Precognitive Spider-Sense
  • Ability to lash onto most surfaces
  • Shoots strong spider-web from wrists with the help of web-shooters
  • Opens interdimensional portals with her watch

Watching the trailer it made a lot of sense that Gwen was one of the Spider heroes that would have been playable in Spider-Man The Great Web. In the live service game that would never be, we saw the Spider heroes zip through portals to different locations and kick the butts of bad guys.

Trailer Of Canceled Spider-Man: The Great Web Multiplayer Game Leaked Online

Spider-Man The Great Web would have taken the franchise’s slogan “Be Greater Together” to a whole new level beyond Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In Spider-Man 2 which launched in October 2023, the emphasis was on how teamwork was important.

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Consequently, players got to enjoy the game from the eyes of different characters including Mary Jane Watson. Her story arc introduced the FPS element to the Spider-Man franchise for the first time.

Spider-Man The Great Web would have come with familiar boss battles

The leaked trailer for Spider-Man The Great Web included actual gameplay footage showcasing the game’s multiplayer elements. It showed how the five Spider characters would have been pitted against the Sinister Six in New York City.

Trailer Of Canceled Spider-Man: The Great Web Multiplayer Game Leaked Online

“New York City. Nothing in the whole world I wouldn’t do for this big, beautiful apple,” said the narrator in the leaked trailer. “One moment you’re scarfing down a slice from Vinnie’s, the next – you’re stopping a super-villain prison break. Sometimes you can swing it as a lone wolf, but you’re way better off with some friends.”

Leading the five Spider characters was Miles Morales, further giving credibility to the rumors that made rounds last year that he would be the main Spider-Man going forward. Also, Peter Parker was visibly absent from the team of Spider heroes.

“I’ve seen the Sinister Six before… But never so methodical – so savage. I don’t think I’m going to be enough this time, guys. But together, we just might be,” the trailer narration added.

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The Sinister Six includes Electro, Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. However, in the leaked trailer of the canceled Spider-Man The Great Web, we saw the Spider heroes fighting Venom and Rhino.

While images of Spider-Man The Great Web had circulated online in the past (especially after the Rhysida attack), this is the first time that a full trailer for the canceled game has surfaced, suggesting that it might have been closer to completion before it was canceled. The trailer was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (the actor behind the voice of Peter Parker).

After seeing Spider-Man The Great Web trailer, do you wish it wasn’t canceled or are you satisfied that it was? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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