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Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa

Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa

Comic Con Africa is an event that celebrates the best of pop culture and gaming in Africa. It is a platform for both local and international entertainment and pop culture, including some of the world’s biggest names in film, gaming, comics, collectibles, and more. It is also a place where fans can meet their favorite celebrities, artists, cosplayers, and creators.

Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa
Cosplay was a huge part of Comic Con Africa 2023

Comic Con Africa 2023 kicked off on September 22 and ran until September 25 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now in its fourth year, Comic Con Africa experienced a surge in the number of attendees and events—some of which showed how far gaming in Africa has come.

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Although there were no official attendance figures, no fewer than 80,000 people were expected to attend this year’s event. Fans who got a chance to attend the show were delighted at the experience.

Highlights of the Comic Con Africa 2023

The event featured four days of complete awesomeness, with various zones, side events, activities, and attractions for all ages and interests. Some of the highlights of the event are:


Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa
The growth of eSports in Africa was highlighted at Comic Con Africa 2023

A zone where you can experience the latest and greatest in gaming, from consoles to PCs to mobiles. Attendees got a chance to participate in tournaments, watch live esports, and interact with game developers.

One of the biggest eSports tournaments at Comic Con Africa was Telkom Vs Masters. It featured top-tier titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). It was the high point of a year-long journey for South Africa’s top eSports professionals.


This zone allowed attendees to show off their creativity and passion for their favorite movie and video game characters, as well as admire the amazing costumes of other cosplayers.

“Honestly, Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies and then I was just looking for all kinds of costumes from Spirited Away and then this one just caught my eyes,” said an attendee by the name Dominique who dressed in Kaonashi costume, “so I got it”.

Artist Alley

Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa
Afro Geek showcased for the first time at Comic Con Africa

This was a zone dedicated to the discovery and support of local and international artists, illustrators, writers, and designers. Attendees got the chance to buy original artworks, prints, comics, books, and merchandise. One of the booths that caught our attention was the ‘Afro Geek’ pavilion which showcased comics that reflected African heritage and society. It was their first exhibition at the Comic Con Africa.

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“I know growing up, seeing all of my favorite superheroes on TV they were always white or had long hair, long straight hair, very different from me,” said animator, Ethan Msithini. “I still admire that and want to be like that but finally seeing superheroes that I look like brings more of a relatability to me. It makes me want to read the comics a little more, which is what we want for everyone”.

There was also a comic series inspired by African mythology and the legendary Zulu king Shaka. The show opened with Black Knight and other homegrown superheroes fighting load-shedding which has become a thorn in the flesh of South Africans.


This zone was dedicated to kids. Parents and guardians could bring their kids to enjoy a fun-filled and educational experience. The kids were treated to fun activities such as arts and crafts, science experiments, storytelling, gaming, and more.


The Comic Con Africa 2023 StreetCon zone allowed attendees to explore the urban culture of Africa, from music to dance to graffiti. It had everything from live performances to workshops where attendees got to learn from experts.

Otaku Town

Comic Con Africa 2023 Hints To The Size Of Gaming In Africa
Japanese anime and manga came to Comic Con Africa 2023

This was one of the new entries to the Comic Con Africa 2023. It was a zone where fans could immerse themselves in the world of anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Also available were merchandise, food, games, and cosplay related to your favorite anime and manga.

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“There has been so much demand for Japanese culture, Japanese goods, Japanese language, Japanese everything,” said Emma Ruiters, Japanese Club South Africa, to Aljazeera reporter. “Over the years people kept asking for it and this year they finally established it. For all Japan lovers, this is the place to be.”

Comic Con Africa 2023

Comic Con Africa 2023 also featured a variety of guests from different fields of pop culture and entertainment. Some of the confirmed guests are:

  • Steven John Ward: The actor who starred in One Piece live-action series.
  • Ross Marquand: The actor who played the role of Red Skull in The Avengers Infinity Wars and End Game
  • Anthony Daniels: The acclaimed UK actor who played the role of C-3PO in Star Wars.

There were a host of other invited guests including local and international artists, international cosplayers, content creators, streetcon artists, as well as other professional guests. See the full guest list here.

Apart from Comic Con Africa, Nairobi (Kenya) and Lagos (Nigeria) also organize separate comic con festivals—and they have been running for several years. If you attended Comic Con Africa 2023, we would love to hear about your experience. Use the comment box below.

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