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some of the games available in the Dollar collections bundle
Some of the games available in the Dollar Collections bundle

You may be able to purchase your favorite RPG (role-playing game) for just $1, thanks to the ongoing Dollar Collections sales on Steam. The promotional deals featuring “Bundles, Packs, and More” is courtesy of Fanatical.

The sale is for a limited time period and each sale is only available while stocks last. Therefore, it is possible that by the time you are reading this, some of the bundles or packs may have been sold out.

“Get your hands on a massive selection of awesome bundles, packs, special editions, and more, all for a dollar each,” an official Dollar Collection sales blurb read. “Pack your cart full with a huge collection of gaming bundle goodness, including the Kingdom Wars, Triple Pack, Commandos Collection, Sudden Strike Trilogy, Anomaly Complete Pack, Little Drew 1 & 2+ Pack, POSTAL Paradise Pack… Available for a limited time only, while stocks last.”

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Like most discount sales, the available games are not really new or big titles—and some of them are far from appealing. Most of the games on the Dollar Collection are smaller titles from indie developers. Nevertheless, it is still a great opportunity to discover some indie games that normally don’t get media attention.

Some game bundles sold out quickly after the Dollar Collections went live. If buying a game bundle for $1 tickles your fancy, it may be a good idea to check the bundles sooner than later. Some of the games in the bundles were discounted from nearly $50 to $1.

Dollar Collections upholds Steam’s discount tradition

some of the games available in the Dollar collections bundle
More games from the Dollar Collections bundle

Fanatical is a Steam-verified third-party seller. Although it is not affiliated with Steam, it provides Steam codes, probably because it gets keys from developers and publishers en masse. Consequently, it often offers incredibly low prices for games. Fanatical runs promotional sales like the Dollar Collections occasionally.

Steam has a long history of discounts, particularly on PCs which shot it up to becoming the most popular game sales platform. Every holiday, celebration, or season—and sometimes for no reason at all—Steam dishes out old and new games at an absurd discount.

Most PC gamers often hold off spending a premium to purchase triple-A games on release with an almost guarantee that it will be discounted a year later on Steam. Crazy deals like the Dollar Collections can entice gamers into filling their catalog with games they may never play. However, some deals are too good to slip away.

From education to slashers, strategy, and beat-em-up, the Dollar Collections cut across a diverse range of niches. In simple words, there is something for everyone. The good thing is that even if you eventually don’t like the games in your purchased bundle, the $1 will still make it feel worthwhile.

Steam releases its Autumn sales numbers

Steam autumn sales report shows how much the platform has grown

Valve, the parent company that owns Steam has released its 2022 review report for the gaming platform. According to the review report, 1.4 million accounts made their first purchase in the 2022 autumn sale. When it comes to PC titles, Steam is usually the first destination of most gamers.

The latest report from Valve shows how much popular its Steam platform has become over the past 12 months. In January 2023, Steam reported a record 32 million concurrent players. More than 10 million were in-game at that time. This was the most number of gamers logged in at once since the launch of the platform close to two decades ago.

Part of the explosive popularity is tied to the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck console. The console was well-received by most gamers after its launch. The “Steam Year In Review 2022” report shows that the success of the company in 2022 is linked to its seasonal sales.

During the 2022 Steam autumn sale, Valve said 1.4 million accounts made their first purchase on the store, a 27% increase from the previous autumn sale. Breaking it down, every minute, 138 users made a purchase every day for a week.

According to the report, a mix of established and upcoming developers contributed to the platform’s sales numbers. Elden Ring, Lost Ark, and Call of Duty topped the list of the most-played games on the platform in 2022.

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Another interesting stat is that 85 titles from first-timers were included in the list of top new releases for each month. Steam said these newcomer studies are spread across 28 countries from Argentina to Indonesia.

Steam’s growth also means growth in its content delivery network. The company disclosed that its global content delivery network exceeded 44.7 exabytes of data downloads by players. This is a 36% jump from the 2021 data downloads.

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