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Early Access For Sifu’ Arena Mode Will Be Out Soon


Martial arts have come a long way and have garnered a huge fan base globally since their transition from just movies to other forms of entertainment. Developed by Sloclap, the Sifu Arena mode is an expansion of the popular third-person brawler game Sifu.

The Sifu Arenas Expansion, which is scheduled to debut on March 28, 2023, is anticipated to increase interest in the martial arts game. Fans of Sifu are guaranteed exciting offers by the game’s creator, Sloclap.

Some of the offers would include 45 challenges, five game modes, and nine new areas spread across an estimated 10 hours of new material.

SIF Bosses

Time attack, wave-based survival mode, king-of-the-hill style capture, and targeted manhunt are some of the new game modes added by the Arenas Expansion.

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A few of the newly available game options are designed to aid players in avoiding critical hits, which should up the fun. The Sifu’s Arenas Expansion will undoubtedly provide players with a ton of new modes and places to explore and enjoy.

You can hone your abilities, contend for supremacy in the game’s newest modes, and prevent boredom by playing The Sifu’s Arenas mode. Sloclap promises to add more hours of fun to an already thrilling experience. 

Sifu fans have been experimenting with character mods

One of the ways to identify a game that fans find interesting is how fast they start experimenting with character mods. Sifu has had Shaggy of Scooby Doo character mod, Daredevil mod, and John Wick mod. 

According to Sloclap’s community manager, Felix Garczynski, the new DLC will bring ten new arenas to the game, including a heliport, parking space, and a museum exhibition.

The new mode will also offer different objectives, such as target elimination, survival, and area-based scoring. Players who complete these challenges will earn currency to buy new modifiers for the main game.

Five distinct levels in this martial arts game require players to beat extremely skilled, occasionally armed opponents. Sifu has garnered favorable reviews despite its high difficulty because of its impressive fighting mechanics and eye-catching art style.

Arenas Mode, projected by its developers to be the biggest upgrade yet, will be free for gamers who already own the game.

A brief overview of the Sifu game

SIFU female character

Sifu is a game guaranteed to give players a good simulation of a kung fu movie. Its developers did a great job, from its realistic fight choreography to its kung-fu-inspired music to the tense atmosphere. It has enough plot to keep players excited and hungry for more action.  

Set in a semi-urban Hong Kong city, the Sifu story began with Yang and his four compatriots storming a martial arts school and killing everybody they found in it. The schoolmaster’s kid managed to survive with the help of a powerful talisman.

The kid spent the rest of his growing years preparing to avenge what Yang did to his family. You are expected to beat everybody that stands in your way of locating and giving Yang the kind of justice he deserves.

Sifu shares similarities with the Chinese Hollywood star Jackie Chan, they both have superhuman resilience and awesome kung fu moves. This game is not like other regular fighting games where the protagonist easily beats opponents even when he or she is outnumbered.

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In Sifu, opponent hits can cause critical damage, which is why it is easy to die in this game. You will be shocked when basic thugs beat you to death. Although it is limited, your talisman can resuscitate you when your health starts to run low.

The most satisfying way to die in any game yet


An exciting and innovative aspect of this game is that you get to age into an older fighter as you get killed. The good part is that as you age, your kicks and punches begin to cause more damage, although your health bar becomes shorter.

As you begin to make progress in the game, you will start seeing shrines where you can reset your death counter, earn bonuses, and boost your stats. Each KO increases your experience, which can be used to access new skills and moves.

Overall, Sifu is not an easy game, it demands skills and precision. You should try and get its arena extension to get a better experience of the captivating brawling that comes with the game. More details about the Sifu Arenas extension can be found on their official website.

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