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Epic Games Launch 1st Fortnite Sharing App, Slams Google’s Antitrust Breach

Fortnite and Postparty integration by Epic Games (Photo credit Fortnite)
Epic Games' Postparty app makes it easier to take clips in Fortnite (Photo credit: GNIX Esports TV)
Epic Games’ Postparty app makes it easier to take clips in Fortnite (Photo credit: GNIX Esports TV)

Modern gaming has transitioned from a solo experience into building a community. An online gaming world is becoming a social gathering of some sort. However, gamers still face an uphill task when it comes to sharing their screenshots and gameplay videos. Epic Games wants to change that with the launch of Postparty.

Epic Games’ Postparty is a clip-sharing app that is available on Android and iOS. The app gives players of Rocket League and Fortnite the chance to share their gameplay clips on social media with ease. Although sharing gameplay highlights is currently possible, it involves a convoluted process.

Using the new app from Epic Games, players can easily share clips on the fly from PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox using a unified process. Rocket League players (Epic Games’ soccer played with cars) can only share through PlayStation and Xbox. Support for Switch and PC is on the way.

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When using the Postparty app, players can capture gameplay on PC and console and save it to a clip library in the app. From there the player can trim, edit, and share the clips to their social channels. Subsequently, Fortnite players will see new prompts after an in-game kill requesting them to link up with Postparty to share.

Postparty was apparently originally designed by Houseparty developer, Life on Air. However, Epic Games bought the app in 2019 and shut it down late in 2021. As many companies continue to pay more attention to the metaverse, Epic Games has gradually built the services and tools that will entice future metaverse denizens.

How to use Epic Games’ Postparty app

Fortnite gameplay on PC, Switch, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation can now be shared (Photo credit: @FortniteBR/Twitter)
Fortnite gameplay on PC, Switch, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation can now be shared (Photo credit: @FortniteBR/Twitter)

To save and share clips using the Postparty app, the player needs to download the app from their Google Play Store or Apple Store. After installing the app on their mobile device, they have to log in using their Epic Games account.

Also, the player needs to make sure that the Rocket League or Fortnite account they want to share clips from is linked to their account. Once this is done, the player can open their game and start saving memorable clips.

Jay Peters of The Verge shared his experience after using Epic Games’ Postparty app. Peters said he started getting in-game notifications about taking clips as soon as he landed on the island. Also, the game sent a notification to him every time he eliminated a player.

Post That wrap received after sharing your first clip on Postpart (Photo credit: Guille_GAG/Twitter)
Post That wrap received after sharing your first clip on Postpart (Photo credit: Guille_GAG/Twitter)

On Xbox, players can easily capture clips by holding the ‘Menu’ button. Once a clip is captured, it shows up in the Postparty app a few minutes later. Some of the edits that players can do to the captured clip include trimming or adding extra flair like Fortnite-themed stickers.

After the edit, the player can save the clip to their phone or share it with other apps on their phone. While Peters was impressed with how well the app worked, he wished the captured clip could show up more quickly on the Postparty app.

Epic Games accuses Google of not complying with the Indian antitrust order

Epic Games Store (Photo credit: Ars Technica)
Epic Games Store (Photo credit: Ars Technica)

Epic Games has dragged Google to an Indian tribunal for not complying with certain parts of an antitrust directive. The U.S. gaming firm alleges that Google is deliberately refusing to host the gaming company’s app store on the Play Store.

The accusation by Epic games is the latest in legal issues against Alphabet Inc. unit in India. In January, the search engine giant lost a legal battle with the Competition Commission of India (CCI). After that judgment, Google promised that it would make adjustments to its Android business model.

Part of the adjustments Google promised to make was ceasing its practice of compelling device manufacturers to pre-install a bunch of Google apps such as Chrome and YouTube on their devices.

In the filing with an appeals tribunal in New Delhi dated 9 February, Epic Games claimed that Google has not complied with a part of the CCI directive that mandates Google to host third-party app stores on Play Store as well as allow apps to be freely downloaded without Play Store popularly called “sideloading”.

Epic Games which makes the popular Fortnite has its own app store called Epic Games Store. The app offer games as well as other apps for download to users. In the filing reviewed by Reuters, the gaming company said it is “exploring launching” the Games Store app on Google Play Store but continues to be “adversely affected” by Google’s noncompliance with the CCI order.

“We are seeking to join Indian developers in court to support the CCI’s order that requires Google to allow competing third-party app stores,” said Bakari Middleton, the Director of Global Public Policy at Epic Games.

In response, Google said it has submitted its “compliance plan to the CCI and continue to respectfully follow the legal process in India.” The hearing of the case will likely happen in the coming days.