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10 Female Video Game Characters Loved For Their Beauty, Brawn, And Bravery

10 Female Video Game Characters Loved For Their Beauty, Brawn, And Bravery

In the world of video games, strong female characters have emerged as icons of empowerment and inspiration. These remarkable characters have graced our screens with their incredible strength, resilience, and depth.

10 Female Video Game Characters Loved For Their Beauty, Brawn, And Bravery
Female video game characters highlight the importance of diversity in the industry

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From battling hordes of enemies to overcoming personal demons, they have left a lasting impression on the gaming landscape. Today, we celebrate the indomitable spirit and unwavering determination of the 10 strongest female video game characters of all time.

The female video game characters on our list have their unique charms. The reason why they are loved goes beyond their beauty, bravery, and brawn. They are loved because they inspire us to break our limitations. They make us feel more powerful. 

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Meet the 10 bravest female video game characters

These characters have captivated players with their exceptional abilities, compelling narratives, and their ability to shatter stereotypes, proving that strength knows no gender. To bring these characters close to heart, we have included sculptures or posters that will make a nice décor to your home.

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1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Series

Starting our list is none other than the quintessential adventurer, Lara Croft. She has been an iconic figure in gaming since her debut in the Tomb Raider series. Known for her unmatched archaeology skills, physical prowess, and tenacity, Lara fearlessly embarks on perilous expeditions, unearthing ancient relics while dealing with treacherous environments and dangerous enemies.

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The Tomb Raider and Lara Croft’s journey began in 1996. The last game that was released in the series was Shadow of the Tomb Raider back in 2018. However, it was recently announced that Tomb Raider 1 to 3 will be remastered for PS4 and PS5. Croft’s resourcefulness, intelligence, and unwavering determination make her one of the most admired female video game characters and an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

If you want to keep a piece of Lara Croft close as a reminder of her tenancy, we found this Lara Croft figurine interesting. The 14-inches figurine was cast in polystone resin and hand-painted by artists.

2. Amicia de Rune – A Plague Tale Series

Amicia is the eldest daughter of de Rune family and vowed to protect her younger brother Hugo de Rune who was born with a mysterious illness. Although A Plague Tale is one of the saddest games I have ever played, Amicia’s resilience and overprotectiveness made her one of the most endearing female video game characters.

Amicia wasn’t always a stonehearted killer. In A Plague Tale: Innocence, she was a loving daddy’s girl who was distant from her mother. However, the quest to protect her brother turned her more aggressive and she quickly lost her childhood innocence.

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I was distraught when I realized that I must kill Hugo to stop the plague. After that incident, we see Amicia wear a new look with hair-cropped short. Regardless of her bloated rage and rash decisions, she is still one of the hottest female video game characters to grace the gaming world.

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3. Aloy – Horizon Series

Concept art image for the video game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla

Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, stands as a symbol of determination and courage in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by robotic creatures. Skilled with a bow and spear, she navigates vast landscapes, uncovers the mysteries of her world, and fights against formidable mechanical foes.

Aloy’s intelligence, agility, and relentless pursuit of truth make her a compelling and unforgettable character, inspiring players with her resilience and unwavering spirit. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition was recently announced—and it is something that should excite fans of the franchise.

Aloy first came to the limelight as the main protagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West but also featured as a minor character in Horizon Call of the Mountain. She is the genetic clone of 21st-century engineer and roboticist, Dr. Elisabet Sobeck and is certainly one of the strong female video game characters to admire.

There are dozens of Aloy statues out there but the one designed by Dark Horse is far the most appealing of them all.

4. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil Series

Jill Valentine was a key member of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) and a remarkable character in the Resident Evil series. Jill is one of the greatest female video game characters of all time and is famous for her exceptional combat skills, sharp intellect, and bravery.

Resident Evil has received many movie adaptations and Jill has been a central part of most of the stories. She battles hordes of zombies and other biologically engineered monstrosities in her quest to survive and uncover the truth behind the viral outbreaks.

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I personally fell in love with her after her battle with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. Capcom has since released a remake of most of the Resident Evil games I enjoyed on classic video game consoles for next-gen consoles. Her unwavering determination and ability to stay calm under extreme pressure have solidified her status as one of the video game’s strongest and most iconic female characters.

There are great Jill Valentine action figures. However, the 11-inch figure that came with the collector’s edition remains a must-have.

5. Bayonetta – Bayonetta Series

Bayonetta is definitely one of the female video game characters you don’t want to mess with. Don’t let her sexiness deceive you, the gun-wielding witch exudes power and finesse in the eponymous Bayonetta series.

With her arsenal of weapons and captivating combat skills, she effortlessly dispatches angelic and demonic foes alike. Bayonetta is one of the must-play video games if you are a fan of hack-and-slash. The last installment in the series, Bayonetta 3, was released on October 28, 2022.

Bayonetta’s iconic abilities, including Witch Time and the ability to summon massive infernal demons, along with her sassy personality, have cemented her as an unforgettable and formidable force in the world of video games. I repeat, she is one of the female video game characters you should never mess with.

 The number of great Bayonetta figurines available is overwhelming—and they are all insanely well made. This makes it hard to pick out one as my favorite. However, if you have money for just one Bayonetta figurine, make it the Nintendo Amiibo Bayonetta figurine.

6. Commander Shepard – Mass Effect Series

In Mass Effect, the main protagonist is Commander Shepard. The gender, appearance, pre-service history, and skills are all customizable. Some players created a sexy female version of Commander Shepard that represents strength and leadership.

As a skilled soldier and charismatic leader, Shepard commands a diverse team, engages in intense intergalactic battles, and makes difficult moral decisions that shape the fate of the galaxy. Shepard’s unwavering determination and leadership qualities make her a true symbol of strength and resilience.

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The last installment in the series, Mass Effect 3, was released on March 6, 2012. It was initially released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. It won’t be a bad idea to have a remake of the game for the next-gen consoles—just like Resident Evil and Dead Space.

7. Chun-Li – Street Fighter Series

One of the queens of fighting games and definitely one of the most famous video game characters is Chun-Li. The legendary street fighter has been a trailblazer in the fighting game genre since her debut in the series.

She is famous for her lightning-fast kicks and acrobatic fighting style. Chun-Li was the first female video game character I fell in love with while growing up. The spot she occupies in my heart did not change even after I encountered Milenna and Kitana in Mortal Kombat.

Chun-Li fights for justice and seeks revenge for her father’s death. With her iconic spinning bird kick and powerful combos, Chun-Li has not only become an enduring symbol of strength but also a beloved and iconic figure in video game history.

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8. Ellie – The Last of Us Series

Ellie was bitten by human zombies whose brains had been taken over by cordyceps. Interestingly, she did not turn into one of the zombies, thanks to an immunity she acquired when her mother was bitten before she was born. Fans of the franchise only got to know how she was immune to the cordyceps plague through the movie adaptation.

 Ellie exudes incredible strength and resilience in the post-apocalyptic world and a determination to survive through the plague. Although irresponsible sometimes, her bravery endeared her to my heart—and I believe the feeling is the same for many video gamers.

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During her journey, she faced unimaginable hardships, honed her survival skills, and formed unbreakable bonds. Ellie’s ability to adapt, her fierce combat skills, and her deep emotional depth make her an extraordinary character and one of the female video game characters that captures players’ hearts.

There are not many Ellie figurines out there. However, the available ones are great in their own ways. Nonetheless, the 8-inch sculpture by Dark Horse is hard to ignore. In the figurine, Ellie wields her bow and arrow, ready to strike.

9. Quiet – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Previously working as a sniper assassin for XOF, Quiet switched alliance to Diamond Dogs after she was defeated by Venom Snake. Quiet featured in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and wore minimal clothes because she could only breathe and drink through her skin.

She possesses incredible combat abilities and agility that make her one of the fiercest female video game characters. With her exceptional marksmanship and enhanced physical abilities, she supports the protagonist in their missions.

Quiet’s enigmatic nature adds depth to her character, leaving players in awe of her deadly skills and resilience. She is one of the female video game characters that you will love, but only because she is on your side.

If you want to have Quiet all the time, this action figure will help you to achieve that fantasy. The figurine comes with an interchangeable head, hands, weapon parts, and display stand.

10. Clementine – The Walking Dead Series

Clementine is the youngest female video game character on the list

The young protagonist of The Walking Dead series epitomizes strength in the face of adversity. From a vulnerable child to a resourceful survivor, she navigates through a world ravaged by zombies, making difficult choices and forging bonds with fellow survivors.

Clementine’s character development and resilience demonstrate that strength can arise from the most unlikely places. She is one of the female video game characters who left a lasting impact on players who accompanied her throughout her journey.

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I first experienced the Walking Dead series on mobile and still remember how it left me nervous all the time. It is hard to tell if it was the screen swiping or the tough dialogue decisions that were the hardest in the game.

That’s a wrap!

There you have it. These 10 strongest female video game characters have left an indelible mark on the industry. They have become sorts of symbols of power and resilience. Through their exceptional abilities, compelling narratives, and unwavering determination, they have shattered stereotypes and shown that female characters deserve a place in the industry.

They reveal that strength and courage know no gender and go beyond physical build. They continue to pave the way for more diverse and empowering portrayals of women in video games. These remarkable characters have enriched the gaming landscape and serve as a testament to the growing importance and influence of strong female protagonists in the industry.

Which of the female video game characters is your favorite? If we didn’t include your favorite on the list, let us know in the comment box below.

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