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Final Fantasy 16 Is Crashing PS5. See How To Solve The Problem

Knight of the Lasting Dark in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 made several headlines after its release on June 22. Firstly, it was players heaping praise on the game’s awestruck story and songs. Next, it was the news that the PS5 exclusive had recorded over 3 million sales in its first week.

Final Fantasy 16 artwork

Final Fantasy 16 is on the news again, and this time it is not for the right reasons. Some fans have reported that they can’t get past a particular cutscene in Final Fantasy 16 because their consoles turn off—in some cases without an overheating warning.

Knight of the Lasting Dark in Final Fantasy 16

Several players reported the same issue once they got to the Knight of the Lasting Dark who is standing on top of a pillar. Just a few seconds before the fully-kitted knight is revealed, the fans of the PS5 will start spinning loudly and after a few seconds, the console will shut down. One player, @adliew, had to order a new fan thinking the problem was from the console’s fan.

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The majority of the players reported the problem while their game was set to Graphics mode. The problem doesn’t seem to happen in Performance mode. Since the issue has not been widely reported, we will assume most players are using the Performance mode setting.

A game forcing a console to shut down is a rare occurrence indicating that this may be a huge glitch. At the time of writing this post, Square Enix was yet to issue a statement about the problem. Hopefully, they’ll do that, and affected players can enjoy the rest of the game.

5 ways to resolve the Final Fantasy 16 Knight of the Lasting Dark PS5 shutdown

Final Fantasy 16 artwork 2

If some players have gone beyond the Knight of the Lasting Dark, it simply means that the forced shutdown of PS5 by Final Fantasy 16 is an isolated incident. While waiting for Square Enix to at least acknowledge the problem, there are a few things you can try to see if it helps you to get beyond the Knight of the Lasting Dark cutscene.

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#1. Change the settings to performance mode

A Reddit thread had comments that suggested that the game had no issues when played on the framerate mode (performance mode). This should work for most players.

#2. Make sure your PS5 is properly ventilated

If your PS5 is located in an area that is not properly ventilated, there is a higher chance that it may overheat. In most cases, you will get a warning from the console that the system is overheating. Cleaning the vent will also improve air circulation and may resolve the problem.

#3. Revert to the default faceplate

For aesthetic reasons, some PS5 owners change the faceplate of their consoles. While it is a cool thing to do, some faceplates don’t come with enough ventilation and cut-off air circulation which can cause your PS5 to overheat. If you are experiencing overheating or shutting down in Final Fantasy 16, revert to the default faceplate and see if it solves the problem.

#4. Skip the cutscene

Final Fantasy 16 artwork

Black Light Burns is the twenty-fourth main quest in Final Fantasy 16. Towards the end of the quest, the Knight of the Lasting Dark cutscene will be triggered—which is where most players get stuck. There is a huge chance that you may escape this glitch if you skip all cutscenes. However, that will also mean missing a huge chunk of the story.

#5. Get a new PS5 1200 series

One die-hard fan of Final Fantasy 16 with the handle @AlissonPinho_ had to go to extra mile to resolve the issue and this time it meant getting a new PS5 1200 series—CFI-1214A precisely. “And that’s how I solved the problem”, Alisson responded to another player that encountered the same problem. This hack is definitely not for everyone.

Did your PS5 shut down during the Knight of the Lasting Dark cutscene? How did you overcome the challenge? Share your hack in the comment box below.

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