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Forspoken Heavily Discounted In The UK Less Than 1 Year After Launch

Forspoken Heavily Discounted In The UK Less Than 1 Year After Launch

Games are usually discounted one or more years after their release—when the studio must have recouped their production cost as well as made a substantial return on investment. Discounting games in their production year is usually strange. This explains why Forspoken is making headlines for its huge discount in the UK.

Forspoken Heavily Discounted In The UK Less Than 1 Year After Launch

Major retailers in the UK have adjusted the price of the game to £10 or lower. HMV, GAME, and Amazon UK have all set the price of the game at £9.99. However, the price of the PS5 edition is slightly higher at £11.99 on Argos. The best deal can be found on Smyths where the game received an 86% discount to bring the price down to £7.99.

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Forspoken was the debut game from Square Enix’s Luminous Production studio. The game received mixed reviews after its release on January 24 with most criticizing the gameplay mechanics. On Metacritic, the game received an average of 64 on PS5 and 63 on PC, making it one of the low-scoring triple-A releases this year.

Forspoken Heavily Discounted In The UK Less Than 1 Year After Launch

The president of Square Enix at that time, Yosuke Matsuda, agreed that Forspoken didn’t meet their financial expectations in the earnings result presented in February. According to Matsuda, Forspoken had a disappointing performance and sales were “lackluster” following “challenging” reviews. Towards the end of February, the company announced that Luminous Productions will be merging into Square Enix.

“Square Enix Co, Ltd has developed numerous AAA high-definition games and possesses a wealth of intellectual property and content,” the company said at that time. “Luminous Productions Co, Ltd. is meanwhile equipped not only with AAA title development capabilities but also technical expertise in areas such as game engine development. Combining the two entities will further enhance the Group’s ability to develop HD games.”

Forspoken also got a DLC called In Tanta We Trust

In Tanta We Trust

In Tanta We Trust was a story DLC for Forspoken released on May 26. The DLC took players to the beginning of the story where players got to see how the phenomenon that corrupted the land and its creatures began. It tells the story of the past events that happened in Athia that set up the original story. In Tanta We Trust comes with new powers and new challenges, as well as a powerful ally by your side, Tanta Cinta.

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“Frey has brought peace to Athia, but the effects of the Break remain,” Square Enix explained in a blog. “As Frey searches for a way to free the land from this corruption, she hears a mysterious voice. Following it leads her to a destination she could never have expected: the past.

“She arrives, injured and draped in blood-soaked clothing, and finds a land at war. She has traveled to the Purge of the Rheddig—the legendary battle that devastated Athia and eventually drove the Tantas to madness. She also learns a grim truth about herself.”

Forspoken Heavily Discounted In The UK Less Than 1 Year After Launch

In the past, Frey acquired three new abilities including Skewer which fires a magic beam, Shock which unleashes a wave of magical enemies, and Allied Strike where you team up with Tanta Cinta to unleash a devastating volley of piercing bullets on enemies.

Arguably the most impactful addition to the DLC was Tanta Cinta who is both powerful and highly helpful throughout the journey. She can even summon a protective shield when you are low on health and take on the enemies.

Surprisingly, In Tanta We Trust performed slightly better on Metacritic with a score of 71 on PS5. Regardless of what reviewers say, it is always a good idea to experience every game yourself. So, seize the huge price slash opportunity to experience Forspoken. You may end up being amazed.

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