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GTA 6 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games at the moment. The most fans know at the moment in terms of its release window is that it will be coming sometime in 2025. However, its launch may be closer than fans anticipate.

 GTA 6 Added To Rockstar Game Roster With Clues Hinting At Possible Launch Window

Rockstar recently updated the game section of its website to feature a GTA 6 cover poster banner. The famous cover image features the two main characters Jason and Lucia sitting on the trunk of a car with sunsetting Vice City on the horizon.

Clicking on the banner takes the viewer to a dedicated GTA 6 page with the cover art. If you click on the cover art, it takes you to trailer 1 which was released in December. However, if you scroll down instead of clicking the cover art, you will get a “Welcome to Leonida” header followed by the message;

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“Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet. Coming 2025 to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.”

 GTA 6 Added To Rockstar Game Roster With Clues Hinting At Possible Launch Window

The update has led to several speculations from fans of the franchise. Some said the update may be an indication that trailer 2 may be on the horizon. Some believed it was an indication that the website for the game would go up soon. The most ambitious notion we saw was that it has something to do with pre-orders.

Fans eagerly anticipate GTA 6 trailer 2 which, unlike trailer 1, may show off a bit of actual in-game footage. The first GTA 6 trailer was released last year and became the most-watched video game trailer—toppling the lifetime views of the previous release in 24 hours.

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Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive are usually silent around rumors and speculations. It almost feels as if they enjoy it because it helps draw attention to their games. Therefore, don’t expect any comment from them on this one.

Rockstar job posting may have narrowed down GTA 6 release date

 GTA 6 Added To Rockstar Game Roster With Clues Hinting At Possible Launch Window

As fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise continue to look for clues everywhere, a Redditor with the user TwistLT has broken down a recent job ad posted by Rockstar Games, suggesting that the game will be released in the next 12 months.

“The Russian localization tester position is a 12-month contract, meaning the person will only stay for a year,” wrote the Redditor. “In the responsibility section, it states, ‘Perform localization QA to ensure the final product quality is as high as possible’”

“They probably wouldn’t hire a language tester just for them to leave in March 2025 and have the game released late 2025, as the game would probably need more testing by then.”

GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid update allows players to drive a train

 GTA 6 Added To Rockstar Game Roster With Clues Hinting At Possible Launch Window

The only time in the past that players could drive the train without a mod was in a single-player campaign in GTA 5—and it was just a moment. Thanks to the Cluckin’Bell Farm Raid GTA Online update, fans of the franchise will get to drive the train again—even though it is just a one-mission experience.

The new update was released on March 7, 2024, and adds to GTA Online’s never-ending crime sim. The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid shares narrative connections to past heists and expansions and allows players to take on drug-peddling cartels and corrupt cops through a multi-mission experience that can be played solo or with up to three friends.

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It will be interesting for Rockstar to make the train driving experience a regular open-world experience. However, hijackers pulling over trains and taking control is not an everyday experience, and Rockstar is always updating the game to make it more true to life. Hopefully, this will give fans something to gnaw on while they eagerly anticipate the launch of GTA 6.

Rockstar recently asked its developers to return to office as they head into the next phase of GTA 6 development. The mandate has been criticized by labor union members with some calling it reckless.

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