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GTA 6 Rumored October Reveal Gains Massive Boost From New Leaks

GTA 6 Rumored October Reveal Gains Massive Boost From New Leaks

Rumors that GTA 6 would be revealed in October grew louder last month. The theorists cited a similar timeline for previous Rockstar Games announcements. New leaks appear to have made that rumor even stronger, sparking a new hashtag trend.

According to Gaming Bible, the suggested date for the GTA 6 reveal is October 26 and many fans are highly anticipating that date—which is not so far away anymore. One of the reasons why fans are keeping their fingers crossed is because of the rumored game engine.

The new GTA 6 leaks were credited to Rockstarmag which claimed the rumors came from insider sources. It is believed that the game will run on the studio’s proprietary Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE 9). It claims GTA 6 will include several innovations that will come with RAGE 9’s engine.

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Rockstarmag claims RAGE 9 will change how water rendering was previously handled by “physically simulating water in an open-world video game in real time”. This claim also suggests that water may play a bigger part in the game.

It has previously been rumored that water games like surfing will be part of GTA 6. In other words, players can suit up and surf the waves. What is even more fascinating is that Rockstarmag claims their information is verified. However, they put up a disclaimer at the end of their lengthy exclusive article that said;

“Of course, some of the information divulged in this dossier is still at the stage of development and objectives to be achieved by the teams from the starry firm. It is not yet 100% certain that all these options will be implemented with the release of GTA 6 and the new version of RAGE9.”


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GTA 6 will have better vehicle physics and weather system

vehicle physics (Photo credit: Rockstar Mag)

Scrybtex (the author of the post on Rockstarmag) also claimed the vehicles in the upcoming title will have more polygons than its predecessor. That means that the vehicles will suffer more precise dents during collisions—and the accidents will be more realistic.

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Also, they claimed that vehicle customization will not only have aesthetic effects but will also affect the performance of the vehicles. That means installing a spoiler on a vehicle may immediately impact the handling during gusty storms.

“The balance between realism and arcade mode will be managed in such a way as to maintain a driving experience similar to that of GTA 5,” Scrybtex explained.

Real Weather System (Photo credit: Rockstarmag)

Although we have reported about the different weather systems expected to feature in GTA 6, the new post by Rockstarmag adds more context to it. They mentioned that weather systems like wind and rain will impact driving during high-speed travel.

A new gameplay video showcases Lucia’s battle with cops

In previous GTA games, once your wanted level rises, cops will simply start shooting at you once you cross their path. However, it is speculated that the approach will be different in GTA 6. An X user with the handle @mickeydimes claimed that in the new police system, the cops will not just shoot but will search your car and may even test you for driving under the influence (DUI).

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In a recently leaked 45-minute video, we see Lucia in what looks like a restaurant with police sirens blazing outside. The cops were heard repeatedly saying things like, “Don’t make me hurt you”, “No one wants me to use this”, and so on.

Lucia finds her way outside the restaurant and we could hear the cops fire a few shots and then run for cover which is a bit different from the gunblazzing battle that previously characterized such encounters. It appears the cops have been made more humane in their response—just like they should be in real-life situations.

Would you prefer cops who want to talk you into surrendering in GTA 6 or those who start shooting the moment they see you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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