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Killer Bean PC Game Will Feature Procedurally Generated Guns

Killer Bean Game Will Feature Procedurally Generated Guns

Jeff Lew the creator of Killer Bean on December 3, 2023, shared stealth and combat gameplay updates of Killer Bean which he is currently developing for PC. This is the first major update since he premiered the game on August 19, 2023.

Killer Bean Game Will Feature Procedurally Generated Guns

“You are Killer Bean,” read the game blob on Steam, “a rogue assassin who takes out the trash in this world, one bullet at a time. The procedurally generated story changes every time you start a new campaign in this first person/third person, roguelike shooter.”

In the stealth and combat gameplay showcase, Lew highlighted some of the combat features that players should expect from the upcoming game. He also asked those who want to experience the game to add it to their Wishlist on Steam.

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One unique feature of Killer Bean is that players decide how they want to experience the game. While one player may opt for stealth another may go out guns blazing. Also, enemies react extremely to their environment.

Once you make noise close enemies will react by walking towards the direction of the noise to check what it was. The enemy’s alert level and response will depend on what they heard. For a gunshot noise, the enemy will have the highest alert level.

The enemies will say what they are thinking including when they call off their search. Players who decide to play the game in stealth mode can stun the enemy with one hit by sneaking up on them from behind. Killer Bean can perform a suplex on stunned enemies to instantly kill them.

Killer Bean Game Will Feature Procedurally Generated Guns

Lew revealed that he will add different types of finishers to the game in the future. The good thing about taking out opponents using wrestling-style moves is that you will get more loot compared to when you go out guns blazing. Therefore, one way to replenish your supplies and health is to play stealthily.

Killer Bean will have a procedural weapon system

When you take out some enemies in Killer Bean, they will drop their weapons and players can pick up those weapons. However, Lew is planning for a procedurally generated weapon system similar to Borderlands. Different weapons will have unique bullets.

“So, weapon stats will change depending on what weapon skin it has and the various attachments,” Lew said.

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When your playstyle is stealthy, it is important to hide the bodies of the Beans you have killed. Once you leave bodies lying around, the enemies will see them and immediately go on high alert and search the entire area. Lew said he would add ways to hide the bodies.

Killer Bean Game Will Feature Procedurally Generated Guns

Players are advised to play the game using headphones, especially if they don’t have the sonar skill to see enemies through walls. According to Lew, you can know the direction of an enemy and even how close they are by paying attention to the direction of their voice and footsteps.

Some of the skills that will be included in Killer Beans are slow-motion dive and sliding, sonar skills, and break dancing. However, using these skills will deplete your energy and you will be unable to use any of your special skills if you are out of energy. Energy will regenerate slowly over time.

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In addition to the gun battles, Killer Bean can use his fist to fight his way out of sticky situations where the enemy is close enough. When you are near death in Killer Bean, the screen will turn black and white. One more shot at that time and you are dead. A small amount of health will regenerate if you stay out of action.

Killer Bean will play in both first-person and third-person views which is a smart way to expand the audience of the game. Lew plans to talk about the different mission types in his next update. We will be here to cover it too.

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