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More celebrities are starting streaming channels to show off their gaming skills. The latest celebrity to declare interest in joining the league of video game streamers is Lebron James, the NBA basketballer who plays for Lakers.

NBA Superstar Lebron James Ignites A Streaming Platform War

Lebron James who turned 39 years old on December 30, 2023, put out a tweet a day before his birthday saying that he was considering starting a streaming channel where he would share his EA Madden NFL skills. However, he was still undecided on the best platform to launch his streaming adventure.

“Thinking of live streaming my @EAMaddenNFL games when I play,” Lebron James tweeted on X. “Who should I stream with? Meaning which platform brand?”

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At the time of writing this post, the tweet has been viewed over 7.9 million times and attracted over 4,300 comments. CEOs, co-founders, and affiliates of different streaming platforms took to the comment section of Lebron James’ tweet to try and woo the NBA superstar to their platform.

While some were subtle in their pitch, others were more direct. Some of the key figures that left a comment to Lebron James’ tweet include famous Kick streamer Adin Ross, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy, X ads and product manager Nate Esparza, and Kick co-founder Tyler Faraz Niknam who is most famous with the moniker Trainwreckstv.

Whenever Lebron James decides to start his streaming journey, he will have three popular options to choose from; YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. It is not surprising that big weights from different platforms are working hard to woo King James to their platform.

The NBA superstar has 52.7 million followers on X. Wherever he goes, his mammoth followers will likely go with him—to watch him play. Any platform that succeeds in getting him on board can ride on his fame and the engagement that he would create.

Some of the reactions to Lebron James’ tweet

NBA Superstar Lebron James Ignites A Streaming Platform War


Trainwreckstv did not mince words in his response to Lebron James’ tweet. The American streamer was direct in inviting the NBA superstar over to Kick, “Stream with us (@KickStreaming)” he wrote in the comment section.

However, some replies under Trainwreckstv’s comment suggested that King James would have made a bad decision if he picks Kick. There were talks about controversy with the platform including one from @Crash_overide, a Twitch streamer.

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“While I’m happy for the friends of mine that have found success on your platform, watching y’all give a contract to somebody well known for viewbotting/self-tabbing was a slap in the face to all but especially the smaller creators y’all preach all the time about wanting to help,” @Crash_overide responded to Trainwreckstv comment.

Esparza was also direct in his pitch to the NBA superstar. “Absolutely should stream on X! @Live continues to improve and your community is here!”

NBA Superstar Lebron James Ignites A Streaming Platform War

Esparza may have a point that Lebron James already has a community of followers on X and will not have to worry about building a new community when he moves to one of the three popular streaming platforms. However, X is rarely used by any video game streamer, and it would take a while for the platform to build that image.

Therefore, any streamer that attempts to stream on X may not have as much audience as they wish. On the other hand, signing a contract with Lebron James may be all that the platform needs to create awareness among video game streamers that they can also do their business on X. However, X will need to create an incentive that will encourage streamers to want to do so.

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The most professional pitch was from Twitch’s Dan Clancy who wrote, “I am a bit biased given that I run Twitch but Twitch is the best platform for engaging with your fans. You also could consider streaming on Twitch and YouTube at the same time.”

There is no set timeline for Lebron James to start his streaming journey. However, whenever he is ready to start, he would join Snoop Dogg as one of the Madden NFL streamers. Hopefully, he would not cuss like Snoop.


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