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Since the release of Alan Wake late last month, Remedy Entertainment has been working hard to fix any issues that may prevent the smooth running of the game. Alan Wake 2 update was released over the weekend and on Monday for PC, PS5, and Xbox. However, November 1, 2023, is the biggest yet.

Remedy Releases Massive Alan Wake 2 Update With Over 200 Fixes

According to Remedy’s Alan Wake 2 patch note, the latest update called the 08 update “contains over 200 individual improvements and fixes to the game”. The updates were grouped into global, mission-specific, and PC-specific.

One of the biggest graphics headaches for PC gamers got a fix in the latest Alan Wake 2 update. Apparently, a bug caused the graphic settings to reset whenever PC gamers tried launching the game. According to the latest Alan Wake 2 patch note, that issue has now been fixed.

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Remedy Entertainment continues to encourage players and fans of Alan Wake 2 to report any issues that they find during gameplay. The company promised to resolve any issues they find as quickly as possible.

Interesting Alan Wake 2 updates in the 08 patch

Remedy Releases Massive Alan Wake 2 Update With Over 200 Fixes
Saga Anderson

The latest Alan Wake 2 update fixed several character and level-specific issues. There was a particular issue where Saga could fall through the world and another instance where she could get stuck in the Crazy Forest mission. Those issues have now been fixed.

For Alex Casey, there was a particular issue where players could fall from ladders. Another often reported issue was with Dark Presence and rare crashes. All that has now been fixed. Issues with Alan Wake getting stuck in the environment in the We Sing mission received a patch too.

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Also, there was a similar issue with Saga where Alan could fall through the world in Zane’s Film. The latest Alan Wake 2 update has got that fixed too.

Room 665

Remedy Releases Massive Alan Wake 2 Update With Over 200 Fixes
Alex Casey

One of the most annoying of all the bugs that have been reported in Alan Wake 2 so far was the one where the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo failed to align properly. Remedy confessed that it was really annoying and apologized for it. Players can now heave a sigh of relief knowing that they don’t have to deal with that again.


There was a certain Masks mission where players got stuck and were unable to progress if they completed tasks in unpredictable order. The latest Alan Wake 2 update has fixed that issue.

Come Home

Remedy Releases Massive Alan Wake 2 Update With Over 200 Fixes
Alan Wake

In the Come Home mission, there were rare instances where players were stuck in the radio, TV, or manuscript interact modules. Before now, the only way players could exit was to reboot the game. Thankfully, the latest Alan Wake 2 update has been fixed.

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While playing the Deerfrest mission, some players reported physics-related props that blocked them and ultimately halted their progress. Remedy’s latest Alan Wake 2 updates fixed that issue.

Performance fixes

In addition to character and level-specific updates Remedy also fixed issues with performance like improving lip sync in some instances, fixing graphics issues in the environments as well and polishing the audio in certain instances.

Other important fixes for the game on PC that came with the latest update include “improvements to PC Window handling logic” and fixing the issue where the cursor often disappeared in menus. The latest Alan Wake 2 update is the third since the launch of the game—but will likely not be the last.

Alan Wake 2 has been a huge success for Remedy Entertainment on several fronts. On Metacritic, the game garnered an average rating of 89 on PS5 and PC, and 96 on Xbox. Remedy’s shares hit a 17-month high shortly after the release of the game. See the full patch notes here.

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