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Microsoft Copilot AI Will Be The New PC Gamer’s Companion

Microsoft Copilot Is Bringing AI Companion To PC Gamers

Gaming can be a lonely road but Microsoft wants to change that with Copilot AI gaming companion. In a short demo, Microsoft showed off how the AI chat assistant can offer advice to the player on what to do next in supported games.

Microsoft Copilot Is Bringing AI Companion To PC Gamers

Microsoft Copilot AI gaming assistant leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4o which was recently launched. It appears the test run of the Copilot AI game assistant will first launch with Minecraft. However, the feature will likely roll out in more games in the future.

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Copilot is currently available in preview form on Windows PCs in some regions but Microsoft is planning to equip it with more functionalities in the future. In the short demonstration shared on X, the player initiated a conversation with Copilot AI by saying, “Hey Copilot, how’s it going?”

“Hey, it looks like you’re about to dive into some Minecraft,” Copilot responded.

The player responded by saying, “Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to make a sword”.

Copilot AI responds by telling the player that he needs some materials to craft a sword and instructs him to open his inventory—and even tells the player the button to press to access the inventory.

When the player opened the inventory, Copilot said, “You’ve got some sticks, perfect for the sword handle but it looks like you’re missing the material for the blade. Let’s start by gathering some wood or stone. Shall we head out and find some resources?”

Microsoft Copilot Is Bringing AI Companion To PC Gamers

Microsoft Copilot AI has the potential to be a big deal in gaming

In a second video shared as a comment under the first, the player saw an oncoming enemy and asked Copilot what it was. Copilot responded with, “Oh no. It’s a zombie. Run. You need to get away from it fast. Either sprint away or quickly build a tower of bricks straight up to get out of its reach. If you can find a shelter or dig into the side of a hill, do it now. Just make sure it can’t reach you.”

There is no statement from Microsoft on when this feature will be available to the public or whether Microsoft is working on rolling it out for other games soon. Sharing the demo on his account, Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman wrote:

“We are taking Copilot to the next level. Copilot will see, hear, speak and help in real time. Soon your AI companion will start to live life alongside you, whether playing Minecraft or helping you navigate life’s most difficult challenges.

“Real personality. Effortless interactions. The ability to see what we see. I’ve long argued that AIs with EQ, IQ and AQ are coming. Here’s the first real glimpse of what’s its gonna feel like. It’s a magical experience: smart, intuitive, natural, and useful.”

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