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Microsoft Reportedly Hit By Another Round Of Layoffs

Microsoft Reportedly Hit By Another Round Of Layoffs

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced that it was slashing 1,900 jobs from its gaming unit. New posts are emerging from former employees who said their roles have been axed. However, it is unclear if the new posts are part of the 1500 expected to be laid off in June.

Microsoft Reportedly Hit By Another Round Of Layoffs
Phil Spencer

Since the takeover of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has been restructuring its gaming business which has led to several layoffs. Xbox recently shuttered some studios including Tango Gameworks, the developer of Hi-Fi Rush. Some of those apparently affected by the layoff have taken to LinkedIn to solicit the help of their connections to land new roles.

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“Hello friends – In light of the recent layoffs at Microsoft, my position was eliminated, and I am now on the lookout for my next career adventure,” wrote senior product manager Angela Visness. “It was an incredible ride and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I was given.”

Technical program manager Cory Ebert left an emotional message saying he never thought that layoff was how the day would go after spending almost a decade and a half in the company.

“Microsoft has made the decision to end our working relationship effective immediately due to changes in the business direction and landscape,” wrote Ebert. “This was a dream career that enabled me to do many amazing things and I will always look back on the last 15 years fondly regardless of what happens next.”

Tom Warren of The Verge said Jessie was laid off while on vacation which is a mean way of letting an employee go. Last year, close to 10,000 jobs were lost in the industry. However, more than that number has been lost this year, and we just crossed half of the year.

This is a developing story and GameBaba Universe will update this post as we get more information.