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4 Important Hi-Fi Rush Stuff You Need To Know

Hi-Fi Rush featured image
Chai with a broken arm in Hi-Fi Rush

Music lovers will enjoy Hi-Fi Rush a lot. It is a unique type of rhythm-based action game that throws players into a sci-fi world where everything moves to the beat.

Tango Gameworks, the brain behind other popular games like Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within are also responsible for this magnificent creation which was published by Bethesda Softworks for Xbox Series X/S and Windows platforms. It was released to gamers worldwide on January 25, 2023.

The protagonist “Chai” (a budding rockstar) was voiced by Robbie Daymond and Hiro Shimono for English and Japanese audiences. Get the code to the game on Xbox here.

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Hi-Fi Rush Gameplay

hi-fi rush
Chai makes use of his bionic arm to fight off robots in Hi-Fi Rush

Timing plays a crucial role in the gameplay of this thrilling adventure game. Players are rewarded in the game for skillful button presses with higher damage output, and combo finishers deal additional damage when executed with precision.

You can easily resist enemy attacks using a parry move if the button is pressed at the exact moment of the attack. Rhythm-based mini-games are also present, requiring players to repeat cues in a call-and-response fashion or press buttons in a rhythmic sequence based on on-screen cues.

The game is structured as a series of linear stages, each representing a different division of the antagonist corporation based on a particular musical style. Boss battles with Chai occur at various points, providing a tough challenge for players.

Aside from combat, the game also features platforming elements and a system of upgrades that unlock new abilities, moves, and perks.

These upgrades can be purchased using gears which are in-game currencies earned through combat and exploration. Health and special meter upgrades are also available as collectibles in stages.

Upon completing the game, bonus features are unlocked, including the ability to revisit previously inaccessible areas, past levels, and a new difficulty setting.

Hi-Fi Rush Full Story

Chai with his cat on Hi-Fi Rush

Chai is a young man with a vision of becoming a rockstar, but his disabled right arm hinders his dream. He volunteers for Project Armstrong, a cybernetic limb replacement test program at Vandelay Technologies.

Unfortunately, he is assigned to garbage collecting by the CEO, Kale Vandelay, who throws away Chai’s music player during the replacement process. The device becomes embedded in Chai’s chest, connecting him to any rhythm in his surroundings.

Kale’s negligence leads to Chai being labeled as a “defect”, and he is chased by the facility’s security forces. Chai discovers that his new arm has an electromagnetic grabber stick that he uses to create a guitar-like weapon.

Kale wearing a suit with four robotic arms in Hi-Fi Rush
Kale wearing a suit with four robotic arms in Hi-Fi Rush

Along the way, he meets a robotic cat named 808 and an ally, Peppermint, who communicates through the cat. Peppermint offers to help Chai escape in exchange for his help investigating a conspiracy behind Project Armstrong.

Together, Chai and Peppermint uncover SPECTRA, an AI program that uses Kale’s cybernetic implants for mind control. The duo devises a plan to shut down SPECTRA by acquiring passkeys from the company’s executives, including Kale.

As they pursue their targets, they gain more allies, including Macaron and his partner, CNMN, and eventually, Kale’s security chief, Korsica.

As they approach their final target, Kale, they encounter Roxanne, who is being controlled by him. Chai and his allies battle Kale and successfully shut down SPECTRA, freeing Roxanne from his control.

Roxanne is reinstated as the CEO of Kale Technologies, and Chai and his friends are offered jobs in the company. In the end, Chai practices playing his guitar, looking towards a bright future.

In the aftermath of the story, SPECTRA unexpectedly restarts, appearing to be a replica of Kale. However, it is shut down again by a cleaning robot. Chai feels relieved and leaves a “not to touch” warning note on SPECTRA.

Use Your Headset

When it comes to music, Hi-Fi Rush comes with an incredible collection of songs, including original and licensed tracks corresponding to different game levels.

If you are anxious about broadcasting licensed music while streaming the game, you need not worry. Hi-Fi Rush offers an alternate audio mode specifically designed for streamers, which includes original tracks that are not subject to licensing restrictions.

The game’s official soundtrack was composed and created by former Capcom composer Reo Urarani, former Konami composer Shuichi Kobori, and Masatoshi Yanagi who is a sound designer with Tango Gameworks.   

The Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition

If you want to take things up a notch, the Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Upgrade Pack provides additional perks. You can customize your appearance with special cosmetic items and receive bonus Gear to get ahead in unlocking new abilities and upgrades.

The Deluxe Edition also enables exciting features such as an 808 Alternate Skin, 808-Themed Guitar Skin, Seven bonus Chai t-shirts, 20,000 Gears for unlocking combat skills, Two Chai outfits, and other nice upgrades.

Chai’s outfits usually come with a hairstyle, shoes, trousers, jacket, and scarf which can be easily combined with other aesthetics in the game. 

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