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Since its launch in November 2021, Netflix has continued to populate its game library. The movie streaming giant initially promoted Netflix Games as a perk for subscribers to enjoy at no extra cost. However, it appears the company now wants more from its games.

Netflix Appears Desperate To Monetize Its Games, Has Over 90 Games In Development

Making games is expensive, and every developer needs to sell a reasonable number of their games to recoup the production expenses. Therefore, besides trying to grow its dwindling subscription base, a model that offered games as an add-on for subscriptions was almost doomed to fail. Perhaps, Netflix has just realized that and is now looking for ways to monetize its games.

A recent publication by the Wall Street Journal suggested that the streaming giant was considering three different monetization options including price tags, in-game ads, and microtransactions. Interestingly, last year, Greg Peters, Netflix’s co-CEO downplayed the idea of ever using one of the aforementioned features to monetize their games.

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“We want to have a differentiated gaming experience, and part of that is giving game creators the ability to think about building games purely from the perspective of player enjoyment and not having to worry about other forms of monetization, whether it be ads or in-game payment,” said Peters to investors during the company’s earnings call in April last year.

One year after the launch of Netflix Games, it remained unpopular among Netflix subscribers. However, things are beginning to change for the better. Thanks to some of the popular titles that have come to the platform, it is gradually garnering the attention that it needs.

For over two years, Netflix Games have been free to subscribers. In addition to that, Netflix has continued to expand its library of games. One of the biggest additions to its games catalog was the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy—The Definitive Edition which came to the platform towards the end of last year.

Netflix has 90 games in development

Last month, Netflix announced that four new games would be coming to its catalog as well as its continued push to make Netflix games accessible on PCs and TVs instead of being restricted to mobile.

“By year’s end, we’ll have 86 games available—all included with every Netflix membership without ads, in-app purchases, or extra fees, [with] nearly 90 more games in development,” read the company’s December press release. Below are the four games announced for the platform this year.

Netflix Appears Desperate To Monetize Its Games, Has Over 90 Games In Development


Sonic Mania Plus will join the Netflix catalog this year, making its mobile debut as a Netflix exclusive. The game is expected to offer the full console experience which includes every mode, zone, and playable character. Sonic Mania Plus will allow players to relive the classic Sonic experience with exciting twists while fighting new bosses and enemies.

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Netflix Appears Desperate To Monetize Its Games, Has Over 90 Games In Development

Game Dev Tycoon is also scheduled to hit the Netflix library later this year. The game gives players a chance to relive the history of the gaming industry by starting their own studio. It is basically a sim where you will try to create the best-selling games and raise your global reputation. Players can create games based on their favorite movies and TV series.

Netflix Appears Desperate To Monetize Its Games, Has Over 90 Games In Development

FashionVerse is a game created for fashion enthusiasts. It gives players the freedom to become trendsetters and create unique designs. The game was promoted as “the first AI-enhanced, 3D mobile fashion game featuring inclusive models in photo-realistic scenes, offering heightened creativity to all players”. It’s a game that allows players to show off their creativity and earn rewards.

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Netflix Appears Desperate To Monetize Its Games, Has Over 90 Games In Development

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is the sequel to Cozy Grove, a life-sim game. Set on a haunted island, players will take the role of a Spirit Scout that befriends and helps unusual troubled ghostly bears. In addition to the regular ghost stories, it will come with new activities.