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Netflix May Turn Squid Game And Other Hit Originals To Video Games—And Grand Theft Auto

Netflix May Turn Squid Game And Other Hit Originals To Video Games—And Grand Theft Auto

Movies and video games are becoming increasingly interwoven. Some video games have gotten movie adaptations while some movies have transitioned into video games. Netflix has been experimenting with video games since 2021 and has been growing its game catalog.

In fact, one of their hit series, Stranger Things, will get a VR game in the winter of this year (precisely November 30—unless that changes). The announcement trailer was shared back in November last year. The game would be developed by Tender Claws.

“Become an explorer of unknown realities as you form the hive mind and tame the voice,” read the game synopsis. “Invade minds and conjure nightmares in your quest to enact revenge on Eleven and Hawkings.”

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Black Mirror and Extraction are now new possible contenders that may soon get video game spinoffs. Netflix has been expanding its grip on mobile games. However, it appears the streaming giant wants more than play in the mobile game space.

Netflix’s games library includes a plethora of games exclusive to the streaming giant as well as other licensed games from other studios. Perhaps, the streaming giant is banking on mobile and video games to grow its shrinking subscriber base. Other Netflix exclusives that are on the game library include The Queen’s Gambit, Narcos, and Love is Blind.

According to Statista, the streaming giant had 75.57 million paid subscribers across Canada and the United States in the second quarter of this year. That figure signifies a decline of about 2 million subscribers compared to the same period last year.

Grand Theft Auto may come to Netflix someday

The belief is that Netflix wants to keep subscribers busy while waiting for the next season of their favorite shows. As of September 2023, the games on the streaming platform have been downloaded over 70 million times.

However, that is a far cry compared to Honkai: Star Rail, for example, which hit over 20 million downloads on its launch day alone. While this may not seem like a lot compared to other franchises, it shows that the intent may be gaining some traction.

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One of the eye-catching revelations by the WSJ report was that the streaming giant had discussed with Take-Two Interactive (The parent company of Rockstar Games) the possibility of bringing the Grand Theft Auto title to Netflix. However, the report mentioned that nothing official has happened yet.

According to IGN, any GTA spin-off that would come to the streaming platform would likely be a mobile game. Their reason was that the only way to play Netflix games at the moment was through their app. However, it appears the platform is working to expand its games to be streamed on television and PCs.

According to Abhinav Kaustubh of Times of India, the streaming giant is not yet making any revenue from its games division. However, their aim is to keep their subscribers glued to the platform. Interestingly, many of the subscribers of the streaming platform don’t know about their games. It is believed that only 1% of the 238 million subscribers play games daily.

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The streaming giant has invested heavily in video games, allegedly spending around a billion dollars to set up its gaming service. Also, the WSJ report mentioned the company was on a hiring spree as it scouts for more game executives to take on AAA titles.

Drawing in Grand Theft Auto may be the game changer for Netflix considering the huge fan base behind the franchise. The company’s co-CEO has always maintained that “someday we’re going to be everywhere with games across all devices that we serve”.

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