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Next Ubisoft Forward Will Hold On June 10

Next Ubisoft Forward Will Hold On June 10

Ubisoft has announced the date for its next digital event called Ubisoft Forward or UbiForward. In a tweet on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the publisher said, “It’s Back. Join us live from Los Angeles for #UbiForward on June 10 for updates and upcoming releases!”

Next Ubisoft Forward Will Hold On June 10

This year’s event is coming in the same month as last year. The headlines of last year’s event included Skull & Bones, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Star Wars Outlaws, and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. All the games have now been released except Star Wars Outlaws. My biggest guess is that Star Wars Outlaws will likely get a release date at this year’s Ubisoft Forward.

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Going into this year’s Ubisoft Forward, two of the highly anticipated games that fans want to hear something about are Assassin’s Creed codename Red, and Star Wars Outlaws. However, under the post announcing the date for the next Ubisoft Forward, some gamers listed the titles they wanted to see.

Dust Fleet composer Samantha J. Foster with the handle @sjfostersound wrote, “Updates on the Splinter Cell remake during it?

“Can’t wait to hear about the XD release date here!” wrote @_Outranked

Next Ubisoft Forward Will Hold On June 10

GamrInsanity with the handle @GamrInsanity who is an Elite Task Force Member of The Division Game wrote, “The Division Heartland needs to be a focused showcase on the show, PLZ :)”.

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“Hopefully we get a new Rayman game and a port of Rabbids Go Home for Switch :)” wrote @MagicRabbidalt.

One evident message was that there is a growing group of gamers who want their classic catalog remade for the current generation of consoles. Earlier this year, Capcom said that it would focus more on remake of its successful IPs rather than creating new ones.

Will Ubisoft Forward pull up surprises?

Next Ubisoft Forward Will Hold On June 10

Many are already wondering if this year’s Ubisoft Forward event will have enough content that’ll dwarf last year’s showcase. The truth is that not much is known about what the company is working on at this time—except Assassin’s Creed codename Red and Star Wars Outlaws.

Nevertheless, there are lots of games currently in development in Ubisoft studios scattered across the globe. It is possible that any of them can take center stage at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward—including XDefiant. There is also a chance that the publisher would surprise viewers with a game outside people’s expectations.

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Will there be surprise reveals? Fans of the company will highly anticipate that. However, Red is one game that should be on the roster. Maybe the game will get a 10-minute gameplay like Ubisoft did for Star Wars Outlaws last year—or even more.

Red is a long-awaited Assassin’s Creed title where the main protagonist is a samurai. It will be set in feudal Japan and there are claims it would be linked to the “Infinity” hub—a central launcher for the Assassin’s Creed franchise moving forward.

It was rumored that the title will have two protagonists Yasuke and Naoe. It was claimed that the game will be developed using the Anvil Pipeline which allows the different Assassin’s Creed studios to work from one unified branch instead of having different versions and branches.

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming claimed that moving forward, the Assassin’s Creed franchise will benefit from virtual geometry and ray-traced global illumination. With the move to the Anvil Pipeline engine, the developer has overhauled everything in the series including parkour, animation, dynamic weather, and so on.

Henderson also claimed that Red’s combat system would be similar to Valhalla but with more blood, gore, and decapitation. There is a lot to anticipate in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward. Thankfully, June 10 is not so far away.