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Only 10% Of Venom Voice Actor’s Recordings Appeared In Spider-Man 2

Only 10 Of Venom Voice Actor’s Recordings Appeared In Spider-Man 2

Venom is one of the fan-favorite villains in Spider-Man 2. The actor behind Venom’s snarling voice is renowned Hollywood boogeyman Tony Todd. Evan Filarca, who runs the Spidey Squad website, over the weekend revealed that only 10% of Todd’s dialogue recordings for Venom featured in Spider-Man 2.

According to Filarca, the revelation was made by Todd during a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 panel at the Fan Expo San Francisco. Todd revealed that scenes where Miles had the Symbiote suite didn’t make it to the final game.

If the claims turn out to be true, then Insomniac Games may have a bigger plan for Venom. It’s highly unlikely that the remaining 90% of dialogue will be scrapped. That’s too large an amount of content to toss in the bin. One direction the studio can go to utilize the remaining 90% of the dialogue is by creating a DLC or a Venom spinoff title.

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Prior to the release of Spider-Man 2, Insomniac’s senior narrative director Jon Paquette was asked in an interview with the Insider if a Venom spinoff would happen. In response, he said that the studio would listen to the fans and know what they want.

“We’re focused on Spider-Mn 2, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait to see how the fans react,” he said. “We’re gonna listen to the fans and we’re gonna ask ourselves, ‘Okay, what do the fans really want?’ We’ll kind of talk about stuff after we’ve all had time to sleep and take vacations.”

The many villains set up by Spider-Man 2

There are just too many villains set up for the sequel of Spider-Man 2. The large number of villains featured in the game simply means Insomniac has a plethora of options when it comes to the question of what is next for the franchise.

Although the studio hinted that Miles will be the main Spider-Man in the game going forward, there is still a large option for the studio when it comes to choosing a villain. However, the large number of villains has raised concerns. Many are wondering if Insomniac will be able to do justice to all the character’s arcs.

This has been one of the biggest criticisms of Sony’s Spider-Man movies. Both Spider-Man 3 (2007) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) were criticized for juggling way too many villains without giving satisfactory screen time to each of them.

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However, Marvel’s Spider-Man game did try to balance the character arc of the Sinister Six in addition to other villains like the Shocker and Tombstone. Therefore, it is possible that Insomniac can still pull that off. However, that may mean making longer games which the studio clearly didn’t fancy while talking about the length of Spider-Man 2.

At the end of Spider-Man 2, there was a post-credit scene of Norman Osborn asking Dr. Octavius for help. There are speculations that Green Goblin and Doc Ock may be villains in Spider-Man 3 which adds to the villains’ roster of possibilities for Spider-Man 3.

Although Venom was vaporized at the end of the game, we also saw a similar scenario play out in the movie but the creature eventually returned in the second installment of the movie. Therefore, Venom making a return—as the good guy—is also a possibility.

The final PS5 2020 model bundle revealed

Sony is doing its best to clear its shelves of the 2020 model of the PS5. One way it is currently doing that is through bundle offers. As part of its Cyber Monday sales offer, Sony slashed the price of the 2020 PS5 model bundled with Spider-Man 2 to $499. Considering the fact that Spider-Man 2 launched at $70 MSRP, it sounded like a great offer.

However, while trying to clear its shelves of the 2020 PS5 model, Sony has also started selling the new PS5 model now popularly called PS5 Slim with a Cyber Monday deal. The new PS5 Slim model Spidey bundle is currently in stock at Amazon. There is also a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 slim bundle alternative also available for $499.

By the way, do you see the possibility of a Venom Spinoff happening? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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