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From the beginning of March to date, Pocketpair has unveiled 7 new pals for Palworld and teased a raid mode. However, none of that has done enough to keep players in the game. Last weekend, the game hit a new all-time lowest concurrent player count on Steam with a 24-hour peak of 104,943.

Palword’s Downward Trajectory Continues Despite A Flurry Of New Pals, Loses 95% Of Players

At the time of writing, less than 41,000 players were actively playing the game. That means Palworld has lost over 95% of its players since it hit a peak concurrent player count of 2,101,867 a few days after launch. According to SteamDB, Palworld has slipped to position 23 on the list of most concurrently played games on Steam.

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Palword’s Downward Trajectory Continues Despite A Flurry Of New Pals, Loses 95% Of Players

As of March 25, 2024, Palworld has a total of 71 pals. The latest to be added to the game is Patellia, a pal that “transforms into a large plant as it nears the end of its lifespan. Other pals that were added to the game in March include:

  • Lyleen: takes care of young pals who lost their parents
  • Penking: has no relationship with Pengullet
  • Bushi: turns into a sword when it dies
  • Felbat: attacks its prey from the darkness and traps it within its cloak-like wings
  • Reindrix: asserts brilliance with its translucent antlers
  • Blazamut: born during a volcanic eruption

On March 15, Pocketpair teased a raid mode in a tweet that read, “A powerful evil Pal has appeared and is laying siege to the Palpagos Islands! Only the most skilled Pal Tamers stand a chance against her… Palworld’s first raid, Bellanoir, is coming soon!”

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Palword’s Downward Trajectory Continues Despite A Flurry Of New Pals, Loses 95% Of Players

Pocketpair continues to actively engage with players on its Discord and X accounts. However, that has done little to keep up the game’s concurrent player count. After its launch on January 19, 2024, Palworld faced mounting criticism from Nintendo fans who claimed the developers copied Pokémon’s game elements and character models.

In the days that followed, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe granted interviews where he said Pokémon was too good to be compared to Palworld. The Pokémon Company later issued a statement saying they would investigate if Palworld infringed on any of their intellectual property rights.

Palworld likely going to get a comic book

It appears Pocketpair is working on a comic book for Palworld. On March 14, 2024, the company put out a tweet announcing they were hiring comic artists. The deadline for the submission of the application is March 31, 2024.Palword’s Downward Trajectory Continues Despite A Flurry Of New Pals, Loses 95% Of Players

“We are looking to hire someone who can draw #Palworld comics!” wrote the company in the tweet. “If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could send us a simple self-introduction and a Palworld-themed comic (just a rough draft or a published work is fine) by replying or DMing us. If you are selected, we will contact you via DM. Thank you for your support.”

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Since its release, Palworld has received lots of interest from players, some of whom have created fan art and memes using characters from the game. Pocketpair has also tried to keep the community motivated by organizing giveaways around art-themed contests or reposting fan art they find interesting.

As of February 22, 2024, it was revealed that Palworld has sold a combined 25 million units on PC and Xbox. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass. In February, Microsoft said that Palworld was its biggest Xbox Game Pass release in January.

Although Palworld is still in Early Access, it will be interesting to see how many players will remain committed to the franchise in six months. In late January, Pocketpair released a roadmap, outlining the features it plans to bring to the game.

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