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Phantom Liberty Is Making Players Wait To Play ‘The Killing Moon’, And It Sucks

Phantom Liberty Is Making Players Wait To Play ‘The Killing Moon’ And It Sucks

With the deluge of games churning out almost on a weekly basis, gamers often find themselves racing through the story so that they can get done with it and move on to the next game. Well, most developers didn’t design triple-A RPGs to be played that way. Perhaps, CD Projekt Red has found a way of forcing players to explore the depths of Cyberpunk 2077’s new expansion titled Phantom Liberty.

Phantom Liberty Is Making Players Wait To Play ‘The Killing Moon’ And It Sucks
Photo credit: CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The first thing you will notice in Phantom Liberty is that the game has a divergent point while playing the Firestarter quest. The direction the game will go from there is determined by the decision you make. It would be nice to experience the alternate paths—for those who haven’t already. The reason you should is that the alternate paths provide one of the memorable moments of Phantom Liberty.

However, everything seems fun and games until you approach the final act titled ‘The Killing Moon’. In this mission, you have to wait for a call from Songbird, the skilled netrunner that called and met you at the start of the expansion.

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Phantom Liberty Is Making Players Wait To Play ‘The Killing Moon’ And It Sucks
Photo credit: CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

For some players, it took minutes for the call to come while for others that wait stretches into hours—and days. So, you are stuck with either roaming about the map or doing other side quests. Those easily thrown off like me, may reboot the game thinking that an error has occurred.

If you have found yourself in this waiting loop, just know that you are not alone. Interestingly, no one has been able to provide an answer on why that happens. What we have seen so far are guesses that don’t live up to the test.

Phantom Liberty players are not happy with the wait

Under a Reddit threat titled ““The Killing Moon” quest”, a lot of players have shared their experiences about the awkward wait to get a call from Songbird. A Redditor with the handle Izan_Alps wrote, “Same issue, no call after waiting for ~6 days even after completing all the missions”.

The Redditor was able to break the waiting loop by going to the “roof that triggers the rain (“Tears in Rain” Easter Egg)”. Eventually, the player got a call from Reed and had to wait for another 24 hours for Songbird to call.

The popular opinion was that the waiting time was a gimmick introduced by CD Projekt Red to force players to do side gigs and experience the entire game rather than just breezing through the main story. This view was largely shared in the thread.

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A user with the username u/jsdjhndsm quipped, “There’s a phone call from Mister Hands, the quest has the word run in the title. You have to do that, or you don’t get the call”.

As witty as that sounded, it was quickly debunked by another user with the username u/ApprehensiveMethod53 saying, “For what it’s worth, I have this same issue with Songbird. However, I have the names of all remaining 6 gigs of Hands. None of them have “Run” in the title. I think it’s just a general do 1 more Hand mission. Not a specific one.”

Although the “do 1 more mission to get a call” opinion has become popular, some players got a call without doing any mission. Others like u/UnknownBmw did tons of side missions (5 specifically) and still did not get a call.

The time players have to wait to get a call appears to be arbitrary, indicating that it may be a bug that needs to be fixed rather than a deliberate attempt by CD Projekt Red to force players to explore Phantom Liberty.

How long did you have to wait to get a call from Songbird? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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