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Participate in PlayStation Challenger Cups For A Chance To Win From $9,000 Price Pool

The PlayStation Challenger Cups is underway, and participants stand a chance to share in the $9,000 prize pool. Organized by Repeat, a PlayStation-powered tournaments platform, the Challenger Cups is a global leaderboard tournament that features some of the most popular games.

Participate in PlayStation Challenger Cups For A Chance To Win From $9,000 Price Pool

Players are invited to compete in Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, PUBG, and Rocket League to stand a chance of sharing in the total prize pool. To participate, players must connect their game ID to Repeat. That’s just about all that is required.

Once your ID is connected, Repeat will automatically tally your scores. There is no limitation to the number of times that players can compete within the duration of the tournament. However, Repeat will only count the player’s 10 best scores.

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One of the reasons why you should consider participating in the PlayStation Challenger Cups—especially if you normally play any of the games featured in the tournament—is because the prize margin is broad. In simple terms, Repeat will pay out cash prizes to 40% of players on the leaderboards.

What that means is that unlike in most competitions, you don’t have to place first to third to win a prize. As long as you keep up your act to be in the top 40% of players, you are sure of winning something. That shouldn’t be a hard feat to attain, right?

Registration for each of the tournaments started on February 20th. However, the tallying of game scores began on February 23rd and will run until March 22nd. Those who will share in the prize pool will be notified afterward.

Breakdown of the PlayStation Challenger Cups prize pool by game

Participate in PlayStation Challenger Cups For A Chance To Win From $9,000 Price Pool

Inasmuch as it is called PlayStation Challenger Cups, the tournament supports crossplay. In other words, you don’t need to change how you normally play the games to be part of the tournament. However, the tournament will require players to play certain modes to share in the prize pool. Here are the requirements for the different games:

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  • Call of Duty: Warzone ($3,000 prize pool): All Resurgence mode playlist win
  • Fortnite ($2,000 prize pool): Players must participate in the Build Ranked Duos to win
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds ($1,000 prize pool): Rank among the top 40% to win
  • Rocket League ($3,000 prize pool): Become the best in 2v2 mode to win

The PlayStation Challenger Cups is open and free to “anyone who can sign in with a Sony/PlayStation email address”. To participate, sign in with your PlayStation ID and claim your free entry when prompted.

How PlayStation entry works for the PlayStation Challenger Cups

Participate in PlayStation Challenger Cups For A Chance To Win From $9,000 Price Pool

For the avoidance of doubt, the PlayStation Challenger Cups is not exclusive to just those who own a PlayStation console. However, those who don’t own a PlayStation console or those playing on a PC or Xbox must create a Sony account. Anyone can create a Sony account, as long as they have a web browser and an Internet connection.

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Once you have created a Sony account, make sure you link your Sony email address with your Repeat tournament account. If you are unable to create a PlayStation Network account, it may be because the PlayStation Network is not yet available in your region.

Repeat is currently hosting a Euro Clash Warzone tournament where the regional qualifiers will get a chance to share in a massive €30,000 cash prize in a live event that will be hosted on Twitch. The event is open to “all Call of Duty: Warzone players in the UK, Ireland, France, Benelux, Dach, and Scandinavia regions”. The qualifiers will run from March 18 to April 8. Follow this link for more details.