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Research firm Ampere Analysis released sales estimates for consoles this year and it showed that PlayStation 5 outsold Xbox Series X/S by nearly 3-to-1. While the sales of Xbox and Switch declined this year, PlayStation received a big bump in sales. Perhaps, it has something to do with the launch of the PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation Is Outshining Xbox 3-To-1 In The Console War

Ampere told the Financial Times that the sales of PS5 spiked by about 65% to 22.5 million units this year. On the other hand, the annual Xbox Series X/S sales dropped by 15% to 7.6 million while Nintendo’s dated Switch fell by 18% to 16.4 million.

Last Month, Eric Lempel, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s head of global marketing told FT that this year’s November was the biggest for PlayStation sales in terms of both units and revenues. Sony is aiming to ship 25 million units of PlayStation 5 consoles in its current fiscal year ending March 2024.

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If Sony achieves that target, it will beat the record set by the first PlayStation which shipped 22.6 million units over a 12-month period. Lempel is optimistic that the current-gen console will beat the lifetime sales record of 117 million units reached by PS4.

“I think we have the ability to get there,” he said. “Deman for the [Ps5] going into this year was huge… Momentum is strong now and it’s continuing.”

PlayStation 5 sales has exceeded 50 million units

PlayStation Is Outshining Xbox 3-To-1 In The Console War

Sony Interactive Entertainment reported that the global sale of its PlayStation 5 console has surpassed 50 million units. According to the company, PS5 hit the milestone on December 9, 2023, just over three years after its launch in November 2020.

After the launch of PS4, it took it 160 weeks to sell 50 million units, one week faster than PlayStation 5. Perhaps, PS5 would have surpassed that milestone sooner if not for the supply chain shortages occasioned by COVID-19. For a long time, a lot of people who wanted to own the PS5 couldn’t get their hands on it.

“Achieving this PS5 sales milestone is a testament to the unwavering support of the global PlayStation community and their passion for the incredible experiences created by the talented developers from PlayStation Studios and our partners,” said Jim Ryan, outgoing SIE CEO.

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“We’re grateful for all of our players who have joined the PS5 journey so far, and we’re thrilled that this is the first holiday season since launch that we have a full supply of PS5 consoles—so anyone who wants to get one can get one.”

In July, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 had reached 40 million sales. Sony launched the PS5 Slim model in November. Once the inventory of the launch model is exhausted, the PS5 Slim will be the only available model. There are rumors that Sony is planning to launch the PS5 Pro console in late 2024 with a proprietary DLSS-like solution.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 voted SP5 Game of the Year

PlayStation Is Outshining Xbox 3-To-1 In The Console War

PlayStation has announced its platform Game of the Year. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was announced PS5 Game of the Year while Hogwarts Legacy was voted PS4 Game of the Year. Although Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 appears to have been snubbed by The Game Awards, the game and the studio behind it—Insomniac Games—scooped most of the awards according to PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Is Outshining Xbox 3-To-1 In The Console War

However, the results have been heavily disputed. Some people felt the result was tilted to favor Sony’s native studios and games.

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“These results feel completely stacked in Spider-Man’s favor,” wrote Yentair, a PlayStation Plus subscriber. “Can we get some actual vote totals next year so it doesn’t seem like Sony is just handing every award to their own game? Yeah, Spider-Man 2 is great, but no way does it have a better soundtrack than Final Fantasy 16.”

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