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Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

NetherRealm Studios continues to unveil and gradually make players on the Kombat Pack roster playable. It’s less than a month since Omni-Man became playable and the studio has already given a date when Quan Chi will become playable.

Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

Sometime last month, Ed Boon revealed that the team at NetherRealm Studios was working hard to give fans a Quan Chi gameplay trailer at the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) program in Brazil—and the studio has now fulfilled that promise.

Although full release will be on December 21, players with Early Access can start using the character from December 14. Quan Chi is notorious for drawing powers from the NetherRealm to bend reality. He uses his sorcery to invite monsters from the NetherRealm into the Earthrealm.

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Under the description that followed the official Quan Chi gameplay trailer, NetherRealm Studios revealed that Khameleon will join the roster in January 2024 as a Kameo. The Premium Edition comes with the Kombat Pack. However, players who already purchased the Standard Edition can add the Kombat Pack as a DLC to gain access to Quan Chi and other Kombat Pack characters.

Interestingly, Peacemaker sort of crashed the Quan Chi official gameplay trailer. Although the appearance was brief, there is already a lot that we have learned. We long knew that Peacemaker would bear the likeness of John Cena who played the character in the HBO series, but many were not sure if he would voice the character too.

Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

The final scene in the Quan Chi official gameplay trailer saw the sorcerer in a pre-battle duel against Peacemaker. “You wish to fight me?” the sorcerer asked.

“Not fight, beat senseless,” Peacemaker responded in John Cena’s voice.

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The Peacemaker tease could only mean that he is likely the next playable character from the Kombat Pack that will get a gameplay trailer. It would be interesting to see the fatality that Peacemaker will possess considering the many things that his different helmets can do.

Quan Chi relies heavily on sorcery during fights

Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

In the Mortal Kombat finals at the Evo 2023 event, Ninjakill_212’s strategy was mostly staying on one end of the screen and chipping away at the opponent’s health. Quan Chi will be a resourceful character to use when your opponent has an evasive playstyle.

The reason is that Quan Chi relies a lot on dark magic that can open portals anywhere on the screen from which the tentacle of one of NetherRealm’s monsters will emerge and strike the enemies. Quan Chi can also conjure a bone cage that traps the opponent and makes it hard for them to escape, leaving them temporarily vulnerable to his attacks.

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Virtually all playable characters on the MK1 roster shoot projectiles. For example, Lui Kang shoots fire while Sub-Zero shoots balls of ice. In the case of the sorcerer, his projectile is a green skull. He also conjures a bigger purple skull that emerges from one of his numerous NetherRealm portals and can literally eat the opponent down.

Quan Chi Comes To MK1 December 14, Gets Reality-Bending Gameplay Trailer

The trailer also showed Khameleon in action as a Kameo. When the ninja was a playable character, she could imitate the other ninjas. Fighting as a Kameo beside Quan Chi, we also see her imitate Kitana and Jade in her attacks.

It’s not clear if who Khameleon imitates will depend on the button you press or if it will be a completely random action. Also, it may be something the player can preset before the start of the fight. We have to wait to find out.

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While most playable characters have at least 2 fatalities, only one was revealed for the sorcerer in the official gameplay trailer. Perhaps, we may get a second gameplay trailer that showcases his other fatalities.

Again, it’s a waiting game. It is either that or players will have to experience it themselves from December 14. Check out the official gameplay trailer below.

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