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Whenever Rockstar Games is in the news, it is always for something big. Just last week, the company shattered several records with the release of GTA VI trailer 1. Yesterday, December 14, Rockstar announced the introduction of GTA RP Week on Twitch.

Rockstar Games Said GTA RP Week Will Host The “Biggest Subscription Giveaway In Twitch’s History”

According to what we learned, GTA RP Week is an initiative by the Grand Theft Auto maker to “celebrate the vibrant role-playing community” across its mod communities, particularly the FiveM and RedM platforms. According to Rockstar, the GTA RP Week will run from December 15 to 21—and will feature a massive gift extravaganza.

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“Rockstar Games is teaming up with Twitch on the biggest subscription giveaway in Twitch’s history, gifting more than 600,000 subs in the GTAV category,” the company wrote in a press release. “RP streamers from around the world will also be highlighted and showcased on Twitch’s front page, while select viewers will receive a Sub Token to subscribe for free to their favorite GTA RP streamer.”

From today, December 15 until December 21, when you visit, you will see members of the GTA RP community from all over the globe featured on Twitch’s homepage. The lucky winners of the Sub Token will get a push notification, an email, or an on-site web notification from Twitch that will give them more information.

Rockstar partnered with in August this year

Rockstar Games Said GTA RP Week Will Host The “Biggest Subscription Giveaway In Twitch’s History”

The GTA RP Week was made possible because of Rockstar’s partnership with team. The team is famous for developing “tooling enabling enhanced experiences, such as the FiveM and RedM experience platforms for RAGE titles, building atop the Citizen framework”.

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The FiveM platform is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Downloading the client allows players to enjoy GTAV multiplayer on customized dedicated servers powered by it comes with a suite of features including;

  • Streaming: which allows servers to use custom cars, maps, weapons, and more
  • AI: allows servers to keep the original game AI, so you’ll never be alone
  • Sync quality: makes use of Rockstar’s network code with improvements
  • Standalone: FiveM doesn’t modify your GTAV installation, meaning you can switch between your original install and the mod

The RedM client does about the same thing as the FiveM. However, it is a modification for Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can play multiplayer for RDR2 using customized and dedicated servers. Their work was so impressive that Rockstar decided to adopt them as part of Rockstar Games.

“Over the past few years, we’ve watched with excitement as Rockstar’s creative community have found new ways to expand the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, particularly through the creation of dedicated roleplay servers,” Rockstar announced on August 11. “As a way to further support those efforts, we recently expanded our policy on mods to officially include those made by the roleplay creative community.”

At that time, Rockstar had said that partnering with team would enable them to find new ways of assisting the team to improve the services they provide to their players and developers as well as support the community that enjoys their game. Without a doubt, GTA RP week is one of the ways that Rockstar is keeping their promise.

Rockstar continues to expand the world of GTA Online

Rockstar Games Said GTA RP Week Will Host The “Biggest Subscription Giveaway In Twitch’s History”

A few weeks ago, Rockstar announced that animals would be coming to GTA Online in a new update. That update is now live. This is one of the features that fans have requested because of how much more realism it adds to the GTA world.

“Los Santos has gone wild,” the company announced on X. “GTA Online players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S should be on the lookout for animals roaming the land, sky, and seas around Los Santos.”

Are you excited about the GTA RP Week and will you be participating? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.