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Sea of Stars which was released by Sabotage Studio on August 29, 2023, is getting a new couch co-op mode the studio teased in a recent press release. In the same announcement, the studio revealed that the game has exceeded 5 million players.

Sea Of Stars Developer Sabotage Studio Tease 3 Player Couch Co-op Mode As Game Exceed 25 Million Players

It is not every day that we see indie games attract over 1 million players. Therefore, attracting over 5 million players surely deserves an accolade. This is the kind of success that inspires other indie developers to keep the dream alive.

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To celebrate the success, Sabotage has released a teaser video that features a three-player couch co-op. In the teaser video, we could see three players navigating the maze of a world. The studio said that the new mode is still under development and would share more details soon.

“Dubbed “Single Player+”, this mode allows for three players to journey together in Sea of Stars. Staying true to the game’s core turn-based roots, each player will engage in traversal and combat with a new “Co-op timed hits” mechanic as they embark with friends on Sea of Stars’ grand adventure. The new mode is currently in development and more details are set to be released soon.”

Sea of Stars is the second release from Sabotage Studios. The studio’s debut IP was The Messenger. Interestingly, Sea of Stars was set in the same universe as their first game. However, it was set thousands of years before that. The developers said the game was inspired by the ‘90s role-playing classics.

Sea Of Stars Developer Sabotage Studio Tease 3 Player Couch Co-op Mode As Game Exceed 25 Million Players

Sea of Stars is available across all platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. The game is currently priced at $34.99 and is available for free to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers. Also, PlayStation Plus’ Extra and Premium members can play the game for free too.

Sea of Stars physical edition is now available for pre-order

Sabotage Studio has collaborated with Iam8bit for the release of the physical version of Sea of Stars across PS5|PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The box of the physical version comes with a double-sided poster featuring art from Bryce Kho.

Fans of the franchise who pre-order the physical version will receive a digital download of the game’s soundtrack. The physical version is set to ship on May 10, 2024. Sea of Stars follows the story of the two Children of the Solstice as they journey to combine the powers of the moon and the sun to perform Eclipse Magic, the only force that can chase away The Fleshmancer.

Sea Of Stars Developer Sabotage Studio Tease 3 Player Couch Co-op Mode As Game Exceed 25 Million Players

Sea of Stars launched to media acclaim, attracting accolades and award nominations. During The Game Award in December last year, the game beat Cocoon, Dave the Driver, Viewfinder, and Dredge to win the Best Independent Game of 2023.

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For those who have played Sea of Stars, the announcement that the game is getting a 3-player co-op mode will likely not come as a surprise. This is because the game contains dozens of original characters with unique story arcs which gives the developers the ability to be as creative as possible in the direction they take the franchise. The game has six playable characters; Valere, Zale, Garl, Serai, Resh’an, and B’st.

The game was highly rated by players and media houses. On Metacritic, the game amassed an average score of 90 on Nintendo Switch, 89 on Xbox Series X, and 87 on PS5 and PC. The studio released an accolade video highlighting all the awards the game has amassed since its release. See the accolade video below.

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