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Horror Game “Sons of the Forest” Sold 2 Million Copies In 24 Hours—And It Is Just Early Access

Sons of the forest

A new game burst onto the game scene in late February 2023 and took the gaming world by storm. Sons of the Forest made its debut on the Steam Early Access program. Within 24 hours, it sold a staggering 2 million copies.

With such an achievement, it easily cemented its place as one of the biggest new releases of 2023 and has managed to occupy the top row of Steam’s best-sellers list since its release.

What makes this game so special?

Sons of the Forest

Well, the game has been in development for years, and its success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of its Canadian developers, Endnight Games. Known for their immersive and thrilling survival games, Endnight Games has created a truly unique and addictive gaming experience with Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest is more than just a video game—it’s a lifestyle. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, it’s easy to see why this title has taken the gaming world by storm.

It is the ultimate test of a player’s survival instincts. This game thrusts players into a rugged wilderness where the primary objective is to survive for as long as possible.

What is this game all about?

Sons of the Forest

 Acting as a member of an expert military unit, your character has been deployed to a remote island on a mission to locate and rescue a wealthy businessman and his family.

However, due to certain unfortunate events, your helicopter crashed, leading to the scattering of your team and the loss of a significant amount of your team’s hi-tech equipment which got sunk in the ocean.

Stranded on a pristine beach, your character must draw upon every ounce of training and experience to overcome the harsh realities of surviving a perilous and unfamiliar environment.

Similar to most games that test players’ survival skills, Sons of the Forest replicates basic fundamental human experiences such as thirst, hunger, and fluctuations in energy levels.

Sons of the Forest

The weather and temperature changes also directly affect the player’s mood and performance. In the game, you are expected to tend to your physical needs, which involves procuring food by either foraging or hunting wild animals, searching for clean water sources, and erecting a rudimentary shelter to sleep in.

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A standout feature of Sons of the Forest is the extensive crafting and building options. It allows you to construct shelters that vary in complexity, from basic tents to robust log cabins. You can equally fashion useful items like spears and bows to protect yourself from predators or hunt for food.

While the survival aspects of the game are intriguing, its horror element, inspired by well-known films such as Cannibal Holocaust and The Descent, makes it more thrilling. The game’s subterranean caverns are also home to strange and terrifying creatures, unfortunately, this is also where the most valuable tools and equipment for survival can be found.

Why do gamers love this game?

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest allows you to use a cross on demons

We believe that part of the reason why gamers love Sons of the Forest so much is that it is a sequel to a previously successful game. Back in 2014, Endnight Games debuted ‘The Forest’ which went on to sell an impressive 5 million copies.

The Forest capitalized on the growing popularity of survival games during this time. It was among the first games to introduce the concept of gathering resources from the surrounding environment and utilizing them to craft essential items to survive in the wilderness.

In The Forest, Endnight Games distinguished itself in two critical areas to surpass its competitors. They include the remarkable level of physicality, the game’s highly immersive and convincing environment, and accurately portrayed the real-life challenges of surviving in the wilderness.

The second is its spine-chilling portrayal of cannibal tribes. These tribes exhibited behaviors that closely resemble those of humans, often appearing curious or afraid when threatened, and using deceptive tactics to intimidate players rather than launching direct attacks.

Helpful beginner tips

To ensure a successful first day in the game, it is important to familiarize yourself with the starting point. Begin by exploring the washed-up containers on the beach, then look for a nearby location to construct a basic shelter using only two sticks and a tarpaulin. This shelter would not only provide a safe place to rest, but it will also allow you to save your progress.

A satellite map is a useful tool for finding freshwater sources like rivers, lakes, and ponds when trying to quench your thirst. Berries usually provide diminutive sustenance, but hunting seagulls with a hatchet is an easier way to satisfy hunger.

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Defending yourself against mutant attacks requires crafting a bow and arrows. The arrows should be made with sticks, feathers, and small stones which are readily available on the island. For the bow, rope, sticks, and duct tape are required. 

While the rope and duct tape cannot be crafted, they can be found in containers scattered around the beach, along with rolls of duct tape, while a length of rope can be found near a group of beached orcas up the shoreline.

Our final take on Sons of the Forest  

The game is expected to have updates in the future which might not affect core systems like resource gathering, crafting, and combat because they are already good enough. However, it is important to note that bugs and glitches are still common, and certain areas of the island may not render correctly. These are understandable since it is early access.

Furthermore, the game currently lacks clear details, and the island’s environment may feel sparse and empty at times. For those who enjoyed Endnight’s previous game, this early access version may be worth trying, despite its rough edges.

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