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There is always a buzz that precedes the launch of any new Sony PlayStation hardware. The same buzz is already building as we count down to the launch of the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) headset on 22 February 2023. Thankfully, Sony is taking steps to make sure that the shortage that happened during the launch of the PlayStation 5 doesn’t repeat with the PSVR2.

PSVR Vs PSVR2 (Photo credit Road to VR)
PSVR Vs PSVR2 (Photo credit: Road to VR)

The launch of the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 came with a limited supply warning—which we could blame partially on the coronavirus. Eventually, Sony had to cut production because of a shortage of raw materials and challenges with logistics.

The case will be different with the PSVR2. Players in selected countries across Europe and the United States can pre-order the PSVR2 through the official PlayStation website. The PSVR2 will also be available through handpicked retailers. The charging station is already available on Amazon.

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Just like the PlayStation 5 launched with some exclusive games that tried to maximize all the features of the DualSense controller, the PSVR2 will also launch with exclusive games like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

There have been lots of speculations on the price considering the fact that the first PSVR launched at $399. However, that anxiety has now been resolved. Sony has unveiled the price of the PSVR2 as follows; $550 / €600 / £530 / ¥75,000.

Features of the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)

The PSVR2 shares some design similarities with its predecessor. However, they still have their subtle differences too. The ocular of the PSVR2 is one piece of material that arcs around the face. In the predecessor, there are two different materials on the ocular.

However, both generations of the PSVR are similar when you look at the adjustable band that rests on the crown of the head and on the nape of your neck. This design effectively distributes the weight, unlike some other VR headsets that leave most of the weight on the front leading to neck discomfort.

Headband and ocular

To make the PSVR2 fit snuggly on different head sizes, there is a button at the back of the band that when pushed allows the band to slide out. Once you have the headset sitting on your head, there is a dial around the button that can be used to tighten the band further if need be.

PSVR2 adjustment button and dial

The facemask also has a button that makes it easier to slide the ocular area in or out as well as adjust it to a comfortable position. Once you put on the facemask, there is a dial at the top left that adjust the lenses to make sure they track your eyes properly.

Photo adjustment dial on the PSVR2

If peradventure you wear prescription glasses, you don’t need to take them out to wear the PSVR2 because there is ample room within the facemask to accommodate glasses.

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On the bottom right of the facemask, there is a button that allows to you activate a pass-through camera. What this does is allow you to see your surroundings and pick up your controllers.

OLED panels

There are 2 OLED panels inside the headset (one per eye). Each of these OLED panels has a resolution of 2,000 x 2040 pixels and offers up to 120Hz refresh rate. This is the highest available resolution ever on a VR headset. It also offers a 110-degree field of view and 4K HDR support.

Those that have had the opportunity to test the PSVR2 headset have been full of praise in terms of its exceptional visual fidelity. The screen door effect which is a turn-off with most VR headsets was totally absent.

The outstanding visual fidelity of the PSVR2 is further aided by foveated rendering which is a built-in eye-tracking system that improves the resolution of anything your eye focuses on. The headset makes use of a built-in quad camera setup for the tracking of both the controllers and your surroundings.


The setup process of the PSVR2 is pretty simple. Once you setup your play space, you will get a prompt from the system to slowly look around in all directions. During this time, the system will scan your surroundings and designate a safe playing area.

You can manually draw lines on the ground to add or subtract from the area. If you have used the Meta VR headset, the setup is quite similar to the PSVR2.


The controller of the PSVR2 is a lot similar to the PCVR headset. It’s what you get when you split a PlayStation controller into two with the action buttons shared between the two halves. Each of the PSVR2 controllers has a thumbstick, the L2 and R2 buttons, options, and the PlayStation button.

PSVR controller

However, the triangle and square buttons are on the left controller while the circle and X buttons are on the right controller. The R2 and L2 buttons are designed to be activated by your index fingers. Just like in most PlayStation 5 games, they are the primary triggers for weapons and other handheld devices.

R1 and L1 are located inside the arc of the controller. They are used to grip items in games. The controllers have capacitive capabilities which allow them to detect whether you are touching them even when a button is not pressed.

The PSVR2 controllers are not tightly strapped to your hand and you will need to hold onto them at all times. This can cause your fingers to become numb. Lastly, the controllers also feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which debuted with the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5.

Things to consider before buying the PSVR2

For most gamers, the singular factor that would make them think twice about buying the PSVR2 is the price. The PSVR2 has a price tag of $550 which makes it far more costly than the digital PS5 edition ($400) and slightly more expensive than the disc version of the PS5 ($500).

By the way, Sony created a faux news commercial that saw characters from some of the PS5 exclusive games like Spiderman, God of War Ragnarok, and Aloy from Forbidden West transition from games to the real world. The commercial has been viewed over half a million times on YouTube at the time of writing this post.

But it is not just about the price. There are other issues that may limit the experience you will get from the PSVR2 headset—for now at least. Below are some of the factors that made us think twice about jumping on the preorder.


The PSVR2 doesn’t come with a headset. You will have to rely on the sound from your speakers, TV speakers, or get the PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headphones—and that will further stretch your budget.

Even if you don’t have a problem with churning out a few more dollars for a headphone, you will have a hard time balancing both the headphones and the VR headset on your head. It will also become cumbersome and make your head feel a little heavy.

An early tester found it harder to get the PSVR2 into perfect position once he put on the headphones. This is a bit of a letdown when compared to the Valve Index VR Kit which comes with dedicated headphones.

Not backward compatible

Before you jump on the PSVR2, it is important to understand that it is not backward compatible with its predecessor. What this means is that you will have to leave your old game library behind and start building again from scratch.

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This can be a little bit emotional, especially if there are games that you loved with your old PSVR headset. So, make sure that nothing behind would be missed before taking that bold step.

A limited number of games

List of some of the games that will launch with the PSVR2

In November 2023, PlayStation announced 11 titles that will launch with the PSVR2. On January 19, they announced that a further 13 titles have been added to the PSVR2 library. Also, it was revealed that more titles will follow within a week after the launch.

While the lineup of games that will launch with the PSVR2 is quite impressive, It is still far from inclusive. It will take a while before the library will be where it should be.

Most games are not yet optimized for the PSVR2

Just like the PlayStation 5, it took a while for developers to optimize games to make use of most of the features offered by the console like the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The same scenario will likely play out with the PSVR2.

If you are paying over half a thousand dollars you should expect to make use of all the features. Not being able to use some of these features may eventually take the shine off the new device and make it feel ordinary. Nevertheless, it will get there, eventually.


No doubt virtual reality gaming is the future and it will definitely get better as years go by. It would not be out of place to start getting acquainted with how the system works so that you don’t have a hard time catching up with the evolution.

Also, the current form of gaming leads to sitting in a position for long hours with minimal movement. This can lead to negative health consequences. VR gaming, on the other hand, forces you to move around which can be considered a form of exercise while gaming.

As a diehard gamer that is anxious about your health, the PSVR2 may be a device that makes all the difference. Consider adding it to your cart albeit no rush.

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