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After rumors made rounds over the weekend, Sony confirmed that the next State of Play will happen on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. It has come and gone but the excitement from the show from everything that was revealed will linger in the hearts of PlayStation gamers.

As promised, the 43-minute show packed a punch that included interesting new reveals and updates from projects that were previously announced. Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade, two games that would be hitting the PS5 platform this year were not left out of the party. Here is a roster of everything that was showcased at the January 31st State of Play.

#1. Helldivers 2

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

The State of Play started with a fresh gameplay reveal of Helldivers 2. New cosmetics, weapons, and base customizations were showcased including a fresh perspective on how intense the alien battles can be. The salient detail that we learned at the State of Play is that a robotic suit will be coming to the game post-launch. Fans of the franchise can preorder Helldivers 2. The game is scheduled for release on PS5 and PC on February 8, 2024. Helldivers 2 was developed by Arrowhead Studios.

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#2. Stellar Blade

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

Players hoped to get their hands on Stellar Blade last year. That didn’t happen. However, the January 31st State of Play has unveiled new gameplay and cinematics that will hopefully satiate expectant fans until the new April 26, 2024, release date. The January 31st State of Play showcase focused heavily on revealing the characters and worlds—and a bit of skill tree, equipment upgrades, and cosmetics. The PS5 exclusive was developed by Shift Up Corporation.

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#3. Sonic X Shadow Generations

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

One of the short but sweet reveals at State of Play was Sonic X Shadow Generation which is expected to be released in autumn this year. It promises a new story mode that will feature Dark Sonic who happens to be fiercer than Sonic. A bit of the world and bosses were showcased but it was enough to get us pumped with anticipation.

#4. Zenless Zone Zero (Z.Z.Z)

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

The free-to-play urban fantasy ARPG from HoYoverse was showcased at State of Play. It was announced that the previously mobile and PC game was in development for PS5. The roguelike fighting game also teased viewers with interesting fighting scenes and weapon mods.

#5. Foamstars

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

Season 1 of the foam-fighting game titled “Starry Pop” was announced to start on February 6, 2024. Players are challenged to compete for a chance to be the best in the ranked party. The rules were described as crazy and will have different modes including Mirror Match Madness and Invisible Showdowns. Players will also get to try new charters at a special weekend party. Foamstars has been added to the PlayStation Plus monthly games.

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#6. Dave The Diver

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

It was announced that a Dave the Diver port was being made for PS5 and would be coming to the platform this April. Also, a new DLC for the game was announced titled Dave The Diver: Godzilla. It is scheduled for release in May 2024.

#7. V Rising

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

Developed by Stunlock Studios, V Rising is a world-crafting survival game that was previously released for Windows in May 2022. Apparently, a port for the game has been made for PS5 and will be coming to the platform this year. No definite release date was given though.

#8. Silent Hills: The Short Message

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

A collaboration between Sony and Konami has birthed Silent Hills: The Short Message, a free-to-play game that is available on the PlayStation platform. Players can download the third-person title for free on PS5. The third-person psychological horror featured creepy scenes in the State of Play demo and seemed to challenge players to escape and entrapment.

#9. Silent Hills 2

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

After a short message from Motoi Okamoto, the Silent Hills producer at Konami Digital Entertainment, the gameplay trailer of the upcoming Silent Hills 2 was previewed. The preview contained gameplay that showed off the different monsters you will be fighting in the game and the weapons you will be using to do so. The game is still in development and no release timeline was given.

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#10. Judas

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

From Silent Hills, State of Play served viewers another action horror-themed first-person shooter titled Judas. Developed by Ghost Story Game, by the mind behind BioShock, Judas challenges players to fix what was broken. The State of Play showcase also came with a fresh gameplay reveal. It is currently in development for PS5.

#11. Metro Awakening VR

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

Vertigo Games in collaboration with Deep Silver and Dmitry Glukhovsky is bringing a new game to PSVR2 titled Metro Awakening. The game is expected to debut this year although no release date was given. It was inspired by the bestselling novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

#12. Legendary Tales

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

State of Play switched up the tempo to VR games with the reveal of yet another VR game from Urbanwolf Games titled Legendary Tales. The Action RPG pitches players against skeleton enemies. Players have multiple ways to fight back against the horde of skeleton enemies including the use of sword and magic. Legendary Tales was given a February 8 release date.

#13. Dragon’s Dogma 2


State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

Although we have seen a lot of gameplay and story trailers from Capcom’s upcoming Dragon’s Dogma, seeing it again in State of Play was no less refreshing. The game has been confirmed for PS5 and will be released on March 22, 2024.

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#14. Rise of the Ronin

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

The open-world action RPG from Team Ninja got a new gameplay reveal at State of Play. According to the game’s director Fumihiko Yasuda, Rise of the Ronin was heavily influenced by Japan’s Bakumatsu era. Players will get to interact with historical figures and the choices players make will affect the outcome of the game. Rise of the Ronin was given a March 22, 2024, release date.

#15. Until Dawn

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

First released in 2015 by Supermassive Games, Until Dawn will be enhanced for PS5, and the job will be done by Ballistic Moon. The remastered version will also be coming to PC later this year, although no definite release date was given.

#16. Death Stranding 2

State Of Play January 31: Everything Announced

A new cinematic trailer for Death Stranding 2 was also revealed at State of Play. The game by Kojima Production also got a bit of gameplay showcase. The upcoming sequel to the 2019 release has been given a 2025 release window.

Other interesting announcements on January 31st State of Play

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios made an appearance after Helldivers 2. He explained how the first 3 years of PS5 have given us incredible stories and immersive worlds. He also listed out some of the products rolled out by PlayStation over the years but pointed out that none of that would matter without the games. His welcome speech led the way to an exciting show.

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At the end of the State of Play showcase, Kojima announced that his studio was partnering with PlayStation Studios on a “next-generation action espionage game”. According to him, preparations were underway for production to begin immediately after Death Stranding 2.

Kojima revealed that the upcoming game will be interactive and a movie at the same time “in terms of look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, and sound. The goal is to break the “barriers between film and video games,” Kojima said.

The next State of Play has been scheduled for February 6 and will feature an extensive look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Square Enix plans to showcase new gameplay details including exciting news you don’t want to miss.

What was your most exciting State of Play reveal? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.