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After Bloomberg reported that around 150 staff of Supermassive Games are at risk of redundancy, the studio issued a public statement through its social media platform confirming that it has entered a period of consultation—mandated by UK law—that precedes layoffs.

The Quarry Developer Supermassive Games Enters “A Period Of Consultation” That Will Lead To Around 90 Job Cuts

“It’s no secret that the games industry is currently facing significant challenges, and unfortunately we aren’t immune to this,” the studio began its public statement. “After much deliberation and with deep regret, we are therefore undertaking a reorganization of Supermassive Games.”

“As a result, we are entering a period of consultation, which we anticipate will result in the loss of some of our colleagues. This is not a decision that’s been taken lightly, with many efforts made to avoid this outcome.”

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According to UK law, before a company resorts to layoff, it must have explored other means to avert the situation including pay cuts. Layoff is only the last option when every other intervention fails. A similar labor law exists in Japan. That explains why there has not been any announced layoff in Japan, at a time when studios around the globe are announcing layoffs.

The statement by Supermassive Games also said the studio was aware that it would be a difficult moment for their employees. therefore, they will work closely with everyone that would be impacted by the decision “to ensure the process is conducted as respectfully and compassionately as possible”.

“We’re committed to focusing our efforts on our core strengths and upcoming titles to ensure the continued sustainability of the company.”

The impending layoff at Supermassive Games adds to the over 6,000 layoffs already announced this year. Over 10,000 video game workers lost their jobs last year. However, we have already seen more than half of that number in the first two months of this year, suggesting rough times lie ahead for video game workers.

Supermassive Games layoff is coming weeks after co-founders left the company

The Quarry Developer Supermassive Games Enters “A Period Of Consultation” That Will Lead To Around 90 Job Cuts

Earlier this month, it was announced that Pete and Joe Samuels, co-founders of Supermassive Games, will be stepping down from their executive position to cheer the studio from the sidelines. A LinkedIn post on the company’s page at that time paid tribute to the co-founders.

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“After 15 amazing years, we say goodbye to our founders,” the message reads. “Pete and Joe – thank you for creating the Supermassive Games story that we will continue to write. Your Supermassive legacy will live on. We all wish you both the very best of luck in your next chapter!”

Although there were speculations regarding the reason for the stepping down of the co-founders, Pete Samuels shared a message to clear the air. According to Pete, the reason for his stepping down was on health grounds.

“After over 15 years as CEO of Supermassive Games, I have taken the very difficult decision to step down from my role and leave the business,” Pete wrote. “My decision is entirely on health grounds and hasn’t been taken lightly.”

The Quarry Developer Supermassive Games Enters “A Period Of Consultation” That Will Lead To Around 90 Job Cuts

“I am, and always will be, proud of what Joe Samuels and I founded all those years ago and filled with admiration for the Supermassive Team and the amazing things that they have achieved. I remain excited about their future under a talented new Leadership Team, led by Robert Henrysson, that will guide Supermassive through the next stage of its incredible journey.”

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Robert Henrysson took over as Supermassive Games’ new CEO. Henrysson was previously the CEO and chairman of Avalanche Studios. Taking up the new role, Henrysson said it was a privilege to be at the steering wheel of Supermassive games.

“I’m exceptionally fired up about working with the management and all the talented people in the studio to continue developing Supermassive Games position as one of the leading studios in the world,” Henrysson said. “We’re just getting started.”


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