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American comedy rock duo called Tenacious D, made up of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, has got everyone talking with their new song titled Video Games. The Tenacious D Video Games song is coming on the heels of Black’s “Peaches” which was used for The Super Mario Bros. movie.

Tenacious D Video Games Song

Peaches debuted at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, the first song in Black’s solo career to feature on the coveted list. It had 5.8 million U.S. streams and over 6,000 downloads in its first week. The music video had over 30 million views in the first month.

The Video Games song was released with a complementary animated video featuring characters from different video games. At just over a minute, Jack Black who reiterated that he would never play video games made exceptions for some games.

“It’s about growing up and leaving childish things behind… but then realizing that video games are more than just mindless toys,” the band said during a press release. “In fact, they can be a true expression of huge ideas that belong in the pantheon of great works of art. It’s about time someone defended the honor and integrity of this bold new horizon. Leave it to the greatest band in the world… Tenacious D!!!”

The hilarious animated music video was directed by One Plays, featuring co-directors Adam Paloian (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Chris “Oney” O’Neill. In the animated video, Gass was always meeting his demise in a gruesome manner at the hands of villains from different video games.

“I have only been to two concerts in my life, and they were both Tenacious D shows,” said O’Neill. “It’s a real honor to work with Jack and Kyle, although I do feel bad about shooting Kyle’s penis off via animation.”

Reactions have been trailing the Tenacious D Video Games song

Tenacious D Video Games Song

A whole lot of people have been reacting to the Tenacious D Video Games song. Clueless Lulu and John Master Lee weighed in on the song too on one of their shows. They praised the Video Game song for its amazing animation quality. However, they warned that the video was not friendly for kids.

Lulu pointed out that the music was really short. However, Lee reminded her that it was difficult to play video games and still have time to do other things. One thing is certain, Jack Black is living the life that most geeks can only dream about—talking about playing video games into old age.

“Truth is, that is every grown man and adult sort of statement,” Lee said. “I say this all the time, I don’t have time to play games anymore. But guess what, somehow, they still walk their way into my life. It’s not the kind of games I play for like two minutes. I will sit there and play Assassin’s Creed for months trying to solve everything.”

What we learned from the Tenacious D Video Games song

The first fact that can be gleaned from the Tenacious D Video Games song is that Jack Black is a gamer. All the games he mentioned are triple-A games that take lots of hours to beat. Only a real gamer would understand and appreciate the amount of work that goes into the making of games like God of War, Fallout 4, and Red Dead Redemption.

The Tenacious D Video Game song also highlights the level of violence in most triple-A games. For example, the recently released Dead Island 2 is crawling with blood and gore violence with an epic display of decapitation. Although it was comically depicted in the song, the goriness was still chilling to watch.

Tenacious D Video Games Song

Finally, the Tenacious D Video Game song is a reminder that video games always have a story they want to tell. Black highlighted this point when he said, “Red Dead Redemption, that is not a game. It is an incredible journey through old American history, fighting for your life and fighting for your family…”.

It is not surprising that movie producers are turning to video game adaptations for inspirational stories in recent years. Ironically, when some gamers sit down to play video games, they just roll with the action and gameplay mechanics without giving too much attention to the story.

Tenacious D’s European tour will happen in June

The rock duo are currently concluding their U.S. tour after which they will head to Europe. Their European tour will include the first in the UK since 2019. Tickets for their European tour can be purchased from Metropolis Music or Ticket Master. The dates for their European tour are as follows;

  • Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany (June 6th)
  • Zitadelle, Berlin, Germany (June 7th)
  • Nova Rock Festival, Nickelsdorf, Austria (June 8th)
  • Carroponte, Milan, Italy (June 10th)
  • The Hall, Zurich, Switzerland (June 12th)
  • Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (June 13th)
  • AHOY RTM, Rotterdam, Netherlands (June 14th)
  • O2 Arena, London, UK (June 16th)

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