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The Last of Us Part II begins where Part I ended

A bon mot said, “The finish line is the beginning of a new race”. As The Last Of Us Part I came to an end, all attention has shifted to the screen adaptation of The Last of Us Part II. Although episode 9 ended in a series of devastating events, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) story is far from over—and fans of the game know this already.

In January, HBO renewed the hit series for season 2. It is still unclear when season 2 will start airing. However, what we do know is that it will continue on the path of the video game series. Following the huge success of Part I, many fans are already looking forward to The Last Of Us Part II.

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Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin confirmed during an interview with GQ UK that it will take more than one season to adapt The Last Of Us Part II. However, they declined to reveal the number of seasons fans should expect.

During the interview, Mazin and Druckmann accepted that some scenes from the game did not make it to the screen in Part I because of how difficult it was to pull them off.

“One of my favorite sequences in the game is when Joel falls on the rebar,” said Druckmann who directed the video game. “And you’re playing as Joel and Ellie’s leading you and protecting you. If we’d done that the same exact way, the show would have suffered. So, for everything we’ve set up until that point, we’re giving up some reality. The question is always ‘what’s the least we need to do to tell this version of the story?’”

The Last of Us Part II will likely have more twists than Part I

Joel and Ellie will also appear in The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part I movie adaptation was a success because of the many twists that made it suitable for TV audiences. One of the biggest addition in the movie that was missing in the game was the flashback that explained the events that made Ellie immune.

The Last Of Us Part II game relies heavily on perspective and is likely going to be more difficult to pull off compared to Part I. GQ was worried and asked about the precautions that Mazin and Druckmann were going to take to ensure that the story is not lost in the series adaptation.

“Oh, it’s not lost,” Mazin said. “I think we know what we’re doing on this one. There are things that are going to be different, and there are things that are going to be identical. There are things that are going to be added and enriched. Also, there are things that are going to be flipped. Our goal remains exactly what it was for the first season, which is to deliver a show that makes fans happy.”

Ellie in The Last Of Us Part I

The Last Of Us Part II was released on PlayStation 4 seven years after the first part. It began where the first part ended. The sequel has a larger cast of characters, actions, and storylines that will possibly affect how the creators will adapt the series. Some of the characters will likely get longer screen time to fully flesh out their stories.

“Some of the stuff I’m excited for [in The Last Of Us Part II] are the changes we’ve discussed and seeing the story come to life again in this other version,” said Druckmann. “And I think it’s exciting because it leans into those feelings you have from the game, really heavily, in a way.”

Will there be more of The Last Of Us season when the original story is exhausted?

Joel and Ellie feeding a Giraffe in The Last Of Us episode 9

To date, there are only two The Last Of Us games—Part I and Part II. Therefore, some fans are curious to know what will happen after the original story is exhausted.

For a while, there were speculations that the creators will come up with new materials to keep the season running. Mazin waved aside the rumor in an interview with Gizmodo in January.

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“I am not interested in going beyond the existing source material,” Mazin said. “As a viewer, I have no problem watching shows that just keep going and going. But as a writer, I don’t want to be in the position of spinning plates to just spool out season after season of stuff. To me, it’s important that things are purposeful…that means they have endings.”

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