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While many trooped to the streets to watch colorful fireworks displays or planned to spend time with family and friends, the residents of Japan’s Noto Peninsula wore robes of mourning following the devastating impact of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Capcom and Pokémon Company are among a growing list of video game makers that have donated to the well-being of the survivors.

Capcom And Pokémon Company Donate To January 1st Earthquake Victims

Almost two weeks after the New Year’s Day earthquake, authorities are still taking stock of the devastation it caused. The death toll from the earthquake had risen to over 200 as of Thursday, January 11, 2024, according to CBC. Scores are still missing as the hope of finding survivors dims. Many are believed to be trapped under collapsed homes.

“We will not give up,” said Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida after a meeting with disaster response officials on January 5, 2024. The earthquake triggered a tsunami that left over 296 acres of land flooded, according to a revelation by Japan’s land ministry.

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A recent satellite imagery showed that the earthquake extended the coastline by up to 820 feet (250 meters), a size greater than two American football fields. The image shared on X by Nahel Belgherze shows coastal areas where the seafloor was elevated by the earthquake above the water, creating exposed beaches.

While efforts are being made to find those who may be trapped under the rubble, survivors need all the help they can get to navigate through the trauma and rebuild their lives. Therefore, donations like the ones from Capcom and Pokémon Company couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pokémon Company announced a donation of 50 million JPY

Capcom And Pokémon Company Donate To January 1st Earthquake Victims

On January 5, 2024, the Pokémon Company announced that it was donating 50 million Japanese yen (approx. $345,149) to aid the victims of the deadly New Year’s Day earthquake. The company announced the donation through its official X handle. Although the announcement was made in Japanese, we were able to translate it with an inbuilt X translate feature.

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“We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on January 1, 2024. The Pokémon Company has decided to donate 50 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society and donations to support organizations in order to help those affected by the disaster and to help restore the affected areas. Additionally, through the Pokémon With You Foundation, we will continue to carry out activities to help children affected by the disaster regain their smiles. We sincerely pray for the earliest possible recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas.”

Capcom announced a donation of 120 million JPY

Capcom And Pokémon Company Donate To January 1st Earthquake Victims

Capcom is the latest video game maker to announce a donation for victims of the New Year’s Day earthquake. The Resident Evil maker made the announcement through the company’s website on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

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“Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) offers its most heartfelt condolences to the victims, their families, and all others impacted by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in 2024,” the company wrote in a press release on its website.

“Following a resolution by its board of directors, Capcom has donated relief money totaling 120 million yen (approx. $828,360) to the relevant regional authorities today to support the victims of this disaster as well as restoration and rebuilding efforts in affected areas. Going forward, Capcom will monitor the status of the disaster and consider further support for relief efforts. Capcom extends its sincerest hopes for a swift and full recovery for all affected communities.”

Video game companies continue to play huge humanitarian roles in disaster situations alluding to the fact that video games can be a force for good. At GameBaba Universe, our heart goes out to all the grieving families, and sincerely hope that more of the missing will be found alive.