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GTA Online receives regular updates. The April 6 Los Santos Drug Wars Updates comes bearing a surprise that would thrill all fans of the game. After a long debate from the gaming community, it appears Rockstar Games listened.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update

GTA Online’s new update brings back some of the iconic cars of the game including the Annis 300R. From April 6 to 12, players can purchase the car from Legendary Motorsport. The last time Annis 300R was seen in the game was back in December 2022 as a limited-time vehicle. To get the Annis 300R,

  • Open your internet and visit Legendary Motorsport
  • Scroll through the garage until you find the Annis 300R or search for it
  • Select your preferred color
  • Choose the garage where you will store the car

It is important to mention that the car is priced at $2,075,000. Rockstar has not disclosed if the car will be available again when it is taken off the shelf after April 12. However, the reintroduction raises the hopes of GTA Online fans that some of the limited-edition vehicles from the past may one day resurface in the future.

Why is Annis 300R an important asset in GTA Online?

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update

The Annis 300R is a fastback coupe inspired by the headlights of the Nissan S30 series, the front grille of the Fairlady Z Customized Proto, and the body design of the Nissan Z (RZ34). In terms of performance, the sports car runs on a twin-cam straight-four engine with an RWD layout and six-speed transmission.

A popular YouTuber that goes by the name Broughy1322 claims that the car has a maximum speed of 120 mph and a best lap time of 1:03.881. These stats make it one of the fastest Imani-tech cars in GTA Online. There are several other cars that came with the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Interestingly, those that add the Annis 300R to their garage can upgrade it with Imani Tech to become even more formidable. For example, players can install the Missile Lock-On Jammer to enhance their defense potential. There is also the Armor Plating upgrade that adds armor padding to the sides of the vehicle for higher resistance to explosives.

Annis 300R can also be equipped with Slick Proximity Mines. This piece of tech makes evading a hot pursuit easier. Although there were speculations in the past that the car may be permanently added to the GTA Online collection, Rockstar appears to have thought against that in favor of a limited-period offer.

More cars will become available as you hit new milestones

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars (Photo credit: Rockstar Games)
GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars (Photo credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online Premium Deluxe Motorsport and GTA Online Luxury Autos have both been added to Los Santos streets. It is highly likely that some of the new cars will be available there. To qualify to purchase some of the newly added cars, you need to clear certain milestones.

To find out the pre-qualifying criteria for purchasing any car, simply select a vehicle color and hover over the “Trade Price” button to reveal a pop-up notification. Some of the cars are linked to the Diamond Casino and you can get them when you hit certain milestones during the casino missions and Heists. Below is a rundown of some of the new cars that came with the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update.

BF Surfer Custom

Lap time: 1:45.483

Top speed: 69.8 mph

Zirconium Journey II

Lap time: 1:40.184

Top speed: 79.3 mph

What makes the Zirconium Journey II better than the Journey I is that it can be stored in a garage.

Declasse Tulip M-100

Lap time: 1:10.938

Top speed: 116.8 mph

Declasse Tahoma Coupe

Lap Time: 1:10.738

Top speed: 112.3 mph

Annis 300R

Lap time: 1.03.881

Top speed: 120.0 mph

Overflod Entity MT

Lap time: 1.03.196

Top speed: 131.3 mph

Rockstar Games continue to suffer from data breaches on its upcoming sequel to GTA V. However, it is unlikely that the data breaches will affect the development timeline of the game. There are speculations the upcoming game may be delayed until 2024 or 2025.

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