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Making first-party titles exclusive to a particular platform is one of the ways console makers entice players to invest in their consoles. Both Xbox and PlayStation have first-party titles that are not available on competitor consoles. However, it appears Xbox wants to put that era behind them as several first-party titles are rumored to be heading to PS5.

Is Xbox Killing Off Platform Exclusivity As Several First-Party Titles Are Rumored To be Heading To PS5

According to Jon Clarke of XboxEra, several Xbox first-party titles including Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, and Starfield are planned for release on rival platforms. Clarke quoted a person familiar with the matter who prefers to remain anonymous.

Hi-Fi Rush and Starfield were both released in 2023. While the former received several accolades and awards, the latter continues to struggle with retaining a positive impression. When it was launched back in September 2023, Starfield set a new record as Bethesda’s biggest title, raking in over 6 million players in its launch week.

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Sources claimed Xbox is planning to launch Starfield on PS5 after the release of the “Shattered Space” expansion on Xbox and PC. There is no set date for the release of the expansion. However, it is targeted for some time this year.

Clarke also claimed that Microsoft made additional investments in PS5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts. If that happens, it will be a massive change in strategy for Xbox—which they hopefully will not regret because the PS5 console continues to trump Xbox Series X|S in sales.

Is Xbox Killing Off Platform Exclusivity As Several First-Party Titles Are Rumored To be Heading To PS5

Also, the move would contradict the statement made by Xbox President Sarah Bond during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Studios summer showcase of 2021. At that time she described Starfield as exclusive.

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During the FTC legal tussle leading up to Activision takeover, Xbox Boss Phil Spenser had argued that he would make more first-party titles available to rival platforms, insinuating that exclusivity sucks. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to exclusivity, and the executives at Microsoft and Xbox will debate them. Their only incentive to bring first-party titles to rival platforms will likely be money.

Clarke claimed they have been advised to be on the lookout for an official announcement from Microsoft on the new strategy later this month. While PlayStation players will likely be excited, rumors are just rumors until you get an official statement.

Upcoming Xbox first-party titles rumored to launch on PS5

Is Xbox Killing Off Platform Exclusivity As Several First-Party Titles Are Rumored To be Heading To PS5

The rumors about plans to make Xbox exclusives available on rival platforms don’t stop with already released games. According to Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, Microsoft is considering releasing the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PS5, months after it launches on Xbox.

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was first revealed at Xbox Developer Direct last month. During the show, we got to see cinematics and a bit of gameplay of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. We learned that the game will feature both first-person and third-person scenes and will launch on Xbox and PC.

Warren claimed Microsoft is strongly contemplating which first-party titles will remain exclusive to Xbox and those that will fare better when they appear on Switch or PS5. The claimed multi-platform approach will mean that some Xbox exclusives will have a shorter exclusivity period.

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While the rumors are that Bethesda is considering a December 2024 launch for Xbox and PC versions of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, the exact platform availability and timing are subject to change since the Xbox multi-platform approach for their first-party titles is yet to be finalized.

Is Xbox Killing Off Platform Exclusivity As Several First-Party Titles Are Rumored To be Heading To PS5

During the FTC case, we also learned that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was originally planned for multiple platforms. According to former Bethesda’s head of global publishing, Pete Hines’ testimony, the deal with Disney to have the game on multiple platforms was amended to make the game an Xbox exclusive after Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft.

There is no smoke without fire and most major announcements in the video game industry start as a rumor. Still, it is hard to tell how this move will impact Xbox console sales and financial reports. What do you think?

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