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Developers often hand out early copies of their games to publishers and influencers. However, they are not supposed to post anything from the game until the review embargo is lifted. However, sometimes those who receive these copies—as well as those who might have gotten them illegally—break the review embargo. Perhaps, that may have been the case in Modern Warfare 3.

Leaked 25 Minutes Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Taken Down, Raises Trophy List Concerns

A 25-minute footage of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign surfaced online ahead of the November 10 release date—although early access begins today for pre-order customers. However, the said leaks have now been removed. Although the reason for the removal was unknown, I think the uploader may have been pressured to do so.

The player posted two separate playthroughs of Modern Warfare 3’s single-player missions. From what I learned, what the leaker posted was Modern Warfare 3’s second (Precious Cargo) and third (Reactor) missions.

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In the second mission, “Farah and the ULF prepare to receive a secret arms shipment at a port in Urzikstan”. The third mission is a biohazard where “141 assaults Konni forces at a nuclear power plant in Nothern Urzikstan”.

Leaked 25 Minutes Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Taken Down, Raises Trophy List Concerns

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign play guide posted by Activision on Wednesday reveals that players will receive rewards for every mission except the sixth titled “Passenger”. Upon completing the campaign, the player will get the “Campaign Completion Emblem and Weapon Blueprint”.

Altogether, there are 14 campaign missions to beat. The Corso operator, Pathfinder operator, Doc operator, and Jabber operator will all be unlocked after missions 3, 7, 10, and 13. Also, XP tokens are also up for grabs after completing some missions.

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Players who digitally pre-ordered the game through online stores like Steam and on PC or PlayStation and Xbox can pre-load the campaign. The campaign early access went live around the globe today at 10 am PT/1 pm ET/5 pm GMT.

Modern Warfare 3 appeared like a trophy under Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation

Leaked 25 Minutes Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Taken Down, Raises Trophy List Concerns

PowerPyx, a trophy and achievement guides platform, revealed through a tweet on November 1 that Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t have a Platinum trophy on PS5. It went further to claim that the game appears as a DLC for Modern Warfare 2 and that “only the PS4 version has a standalone list and Platinum trophy”.

The absence of a trophy for a fully-priced game is unusual. In fact, some gamers (trophy hunters) play games with the intention of getting all the trophies. That is where their thrill comes from and not from the gameplay and cinematics.

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It is not immediately clear if this will change before the game’s official launch date. However, if it remains the same, it will validate the report back in February that Modern Warfare 3 will be a continuation of Modern Warfare 2 rather than being an entirely separate release.

A Bloomberg report that cited sources familiar with the project said Activision’s original plan was to make a huge Modern Warfare 2 DLC. However, along the way that project morphed into a full game. The report also claimed Activision’s goal was to create a game that feels “like a standalone, full-price release and also an extension of Modern Warfare 2”.

Leaked 25 Minutes Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Taken Down, Raises Trophy List Concerns

In August, Activision revealed that players can carry over the majority of their in-game loot from Modern Warfare 2 into the new title. All these unfolding facts further give credibility to the February report that Modern Warfare 3 may just have been a DLC. However, a few days later after the August confusion, an Activision spokesperson cleared the air.

“As stated in numerous Activision Blizzard quarterly conference calls, Modern Warfare 3 is a premium release,” the Activision spokesperson told CharlieIntel. “It will be priced accordingly at $70.”

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