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Earlier, it was reported that the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 started as a DLC for the previous game before morphing into a full game. Perhaps, Modern Warfare 3 would have been better as a DLC rather than a standalone game. This is evident from the wave of criticisms from players who beat the main campaign in just 3 hours.

Modern Warfare 3 Harshly Criticized, Will Not Feature Weapon Tuning

For a game that costs $70, players expect the main campaign to stretch over 10 hours—at least. However, that appears not to be the case with Modern Warfare 3. Although the game will officially launch on November 10, players who digitally pre-ordered the game got early access—and some have already finished the game.

According to multiple reports (as well as YouTube walkthroughs that I sighted), it takes less than 4 hours to beat the campaign of Modern Warfare 3—which is about the length of DLCs rather than a full release. By comparison, Modern Warfare 2 took around 8 hours to beat.

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One of those who criticized Modern Warfare 3 on X based on campaign length was James of JGOD Gaming. “Tried to take my time with #MWIII but it was over in the blink of an eye (3-4Hrs),” James wrote on X.

Other Call of Duty releases in the past have had main campaigns stretching 6 to 7 hours, Modern Warfare 3 appears to be the shortest campaign for a main Call of Duty release. However, that is not the only issue that players have pointed out about the upcoming release.

Modern Warfare 3 criticism went beyond the campaign length

Modern Warfare 3 Harshly Criticized, Will Not Feature Weapon Tuning

“I know 99.999% of people do not actively buy COD for the Campaign, but one word to describe it is Lackluster,” James continued his lengthy criticism of Modern Warfare 3. One of the features that he wished the game included was a “Sniping style mission”.

Another area that was strongly criticized was the game’s lack of suspense. “Just finished the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign and that was so unbelievably poorly written. No tension. No stakes. All just felt like pointless filler,” wrote @TheGamingRevo3 on X.

According to most of the critics, the only interesting character in the game was Makarov. However, James called the game a “waste of such a cool villain”, based on how there was “no build-up, suspense or climax”.

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“The ending felt like it was done just for the sake of it,” wrote @TheGamingRevo3. “Compare this to the original Modern Warfare trilogy, it’s crazy how many emotional and amazing moments those games had, and this new trilogy is trying to redo it whilst not feeling anywhere near as impactful.”

@TheGamingRevo3 further mentioned that “If this campaign was just DLC to build up to Makarov for the (true) MW3 (like it should’ve been) then it wouldn’t be getting this criticism but it just feels the campaign only serves one purpose: to sell us yet another game (MW4)”.

The fact that Modern Warfare 3 would have been a DLC rather than a standalone game is a sentiment that has grown louder among those who have played the game—and feel the game doesn’t justify the price tag. The other sentiment was how the game is beginning to feel repetitive.

Modern Warfare 3 will not feature a weapon-tuning system

Modern Warfare 3 Harshly Criticized, Will Not Feature Weapon Tuning

Sledgehammer Games has unveiled Modern Warfare 3’s progression system and Gunsmith in a new blog. For those who are not familiar with the franchise, the Gunsmith is an in-game screen for weapon customization. One of the biggest ways to customize weapons was through Weapon Tuning. Sadly, it will not feature in Modern Warfare 3.

“Based on community feedback, Sledgehammer Games has removed the Weapon Tuning feature present in MWIII and has made further improvements to make Gunsmith easier to use,” the studio explained in the post. “This change to Weapon Tuning applies to both MWII and MWIII weapons that utilize modifications.”

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The alteration will affect Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 guns. It is not yet clear what will happen to pre-built load-outs of players that feature tuned guns. However, the best guess is that they will be returned to stock settings—which could affect their performance.

The development of Modern Warfare 3 was led by Sledgehammer Games in collaboration with Infinity Ward. Treyarch will be in charge of developing the Zombie mode. Fans are looking at Treyarch to justify the $70 price tag through the zombie mode.

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