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Sony wants to replace passwords with Passkey for PlayStation. While password helps to secure accounts, it has become unreliable in recent years as hacking tools become more advanced. Unlike passwords which hackers can guess, it is almost impossible to guess a passkey.

“Go password-free with your account for PlayStation Network,” read the description of the video announcing the new safety feature. “Passkeys offer a faster and more secure account sign-in experience by letting you sign in through your mobile device or computer using the same convenient device unlocking method, like a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN.”

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When using Passkey for PlayStation, you will need a physical device like your PC or smartphone where you will set up the Passkey. Once you try to log into your PlayStation network account, you will get a prompt on the device where the passkey was set up for you to either accept or decline the login attempt.

Consequently, any hacker will have to get hold of the device you set up your passkey to gain access to your account. In a post about passkey for PlayStation, Sony said it is a faster, easier, and more secure way to sign into your PlayStation Network account.

Passkey For PlayStation Is Replacing Password. How Do You Feel About This?


“It allows you to access your account without a password. Instead, you sign in through your mobile device or computer using the same convenient device screen unlocking method like a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN.”

Another advantage that Passkey for PlayStation has over passwords is that you don’t need to remember anything. This eliminated the ugly incident where players may forget their passwords and be forced to go through a tedious password recovery process.

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Also, things can get ugly when a hacker takes over your recovery email. They can lock you out of your account forever. Passkey for PlayStation eliminates all those eventualities. However, it adds a new responsibility that requires you to keep your passkey device safe at all times.

Why do you need to activate the passkey for PlayStation?

Passkey For PlayStation Is Replacing Password. How Do You Feel About This?

Sony is urging all players to activate passkey for their PlayStation Network account because it eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with the password-based system. The key benefits of activating this feature that Sony listed on their website include;

  • Faster sign-in by removing the need to type a password
  • It cannot be guessed or reused
  • Passkey is resistant to phishing and other type of cyberattacks like data breaches

Unsure of how to set up a passkey for PlayStation Network account? You will find the option when you visit the security section of the Account Management settings on your PS4 or PS5, mobile device, or computer.

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Anyone who has been a data breach victim will be excited that Sony is finally taking this route. Virtually every year, companies get hit by hackers, causing severe financial loss and a dent in the company’s image.

Passkey For PlayStation Is Replacing Password. How Do You Feel About This?

Sony is no stranger to the detrimental effects of hacks. In December last year, a group known as Rhysida hacked Insomniac Games and released over 1 terabyte of internal data after the company allegedly refused to pay a ransom fee.

In January this year, researchers discovered a massive breach involving major social media platforms. The breach contained over 26 billion records which were carefully compiled and reindexed. The researchers called it the Mother of All Breaches (MOAB).

The password-based security system that has been operating for many years is not flawed. No matter how strong you think your password may be, it is only a matter of time before hackers crack it using brute force or other means.

If more gamers and companies phase out passwords in favor of Passkey, massive data breaches can be reduced to the minimum. So, try your best to activate your passkey for PlayStation as soon as possible.

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