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Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

A user on X recently shared the box cover for Stellar Blade. Although it was the Japanese version of the game, crucial information could be gleaned from the back of the box, including the download size of the game.

Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

According to Genki, the Japanese gamer who shared the photos, the game requires “more than 35GB” of free storage capacity—the language that game developers use most frequently to describe the disc size of a game. In recent times, most AAA games are usually upward of 50GB. The mere download size of Stellar Blade asks questions about the length of the game.

“Here is the back of the box,” Genki wrote on X. “It says it requires “more than 35GB” free storage capacity. It’s still early so it might not be final. Not sure. I was imagining the game will be around 50-60GB, but we will have to wait and see!”

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However, it is important to mention that games do receive day-one patches which can run into several gigabytes. For example, Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched with a 20GB day-one patch. The reason at that time was that the game could not be contained in the Blu-ray disc and players had to download the patch to unlock the multiplayer option.

Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

Although disc spaces have become larger, day-one patches can still be large if the studio makes significant alterations to the game before launch. Since Stellar Blade still has until April 26, 2024, before full release, there is still enough time for the studio to polish the game further.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the minimum size of Stellar Blade would be 35GB. However, the actual required storage size for the game can balloon several gigabytes ahead of that number. Also, the smaller size of Stellar Blade may be because the game developer Shift Up Corporation has found a way to compress the game better than other studios as it packages it for release.

Stellar Blade can be preloaded on April 24

Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

The image shared by Genki also showed that players can preload Stellar Blade from April 24, two days before the actual game release. It was claimed that preloads will come with the latest update to the game pre-installed for those who purchased digital copies of the game.

However, Muhammad Ali Bari of Twisted Voxel also claimed the game may get a day-one patch which will be rolled out closer to the release date. If that happens, those who purchased physical copies of the game will have to download the update.

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Last month, Sony showed off Stellar Blade gameplay in its latest State of Play showcase. Gamers will step into the shoes of Eve in the upcoming action-adventure. The combat style relies heavily on understanding the enemy’s attack pattern to know the right time to strike. Defeating the extra-large bosses requires patience and precision.

Defensive players also get rewarded. For example, parry and evasion are needed to fill Eve’s Beta Gauge which allows the player to deliver special skills like interrupting enemy combos and piercing super armor. Successive perfect parries will allow Eve to build up a Burst Gauge that can be used to trigger powerful attacks.

Stellar Blade Download Size Seemingly Smaller Than Anticipated

Stellar Blade is a PlayStation exclusive and would unleash the full potential of the DualSense controller including haptic feedback. The semi-open world game will offer environmental traversal mechanics including rope swinging, and wall scaling.

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The game is also littered with side quests that offer valuable rewards. These side quests can be triggered by interacting with NPCs. The world of Stellar Blade is littered with supply camps and checkpoints where players can retrieve stored items and restore their health.

Do you think the disc size of Stellar Blade will affect the game’s length? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.