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It appears PlayStation and Xbox have begun their holiday sales early. The hugely discounted products bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were spotted on different websites. While the discounted Xbox Series X was spotted on the Dutch website Cool Blue, the discounted PS5 was listed on Amazon Germany. However, the discounted PS5 was not the new PS5 Slim.

Amazon Germany
Cool Blue

Unlike the PS5 where consoles get custom packaging when bundled with games, the Xbox bundle appears not to follow the same convention. Instead, players will get the standard Xbox console package with a copy of the game separately attached.

What we cannot tell at the moment is whether the discounts are unique to the stores or part of an official price cut for the upcoming Black Friday sales. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has officially announced a discount on their consoles.

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In 2022, the Xbox Series X received only £20 discount on Black Friday. Only the Xbox Series S received a significant discount over Black Friday. Any official Black Friday discount for the PS5 should involve the new PS5 Slim—especially in Europe where it is yet to get a release date.

The new PlayStation 5 Slim model is set to release in the United States this November. However, a global release is planned over the coming months. Our best guess is that the deal is designed to clear the stock of the legacy PS5 model from the shelve in preparation for the arrival of the PS5 Slim.

Companies usually run promos to clear out old stock from the shelves before the arrival of new versions of a product. When there are two variations of the same product on the market, buyers will likely go for the newer version leaving the older version on the shelf which eventually becomes the loss of the manufacturer or retailer.

The PS5 Slim is not so slim

In the previous generations of the PlayStation, the slim version has always been considerably slimmer than the legacy product. However, that was not entirely the case with the PS5 and PS5 Slim. While the PS5 Slim was smaller and a bit slimmer compared to the legacy PS5, the difference was not entirely mind-blowing.

YouTuber Dave2D recently tore down the PlayStation 5 Slim and did a side-by-side comparison with the legacy product. There were remarkable differences between the new product and the old one, both on the outside and on the inside.

While the legacy product had just two panels, the new version had four. Dave2D was disappointed with a couple of things on the new PS5 Slim. The first was the fact that the two top panels had a glossy finish while the bottom panels stuck with a matte finish. He wished they used a glossy finish for the entire product.

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Dave2D also commented on how the new PlayStation 5 Slim doesn’t come with a vertical stand. In its place, two cheap triangular plastics (for horizontal stand) were included in the pack which the user is supposed to insert in the space between the top and bottom panels.

Players who prefer the vertical stand would have to purchase it separately. However, Dave2D mentioned that for the disc version of the PS5 Slim, players can simply stand the machine since the disc drive offers extra stability. However, that may not be the case for the digital edition.

Surprisingly, removing the disc drive from the machine is super easy and involves just a push-and-pull mechanism. In other words, you don’t need a screw to unscrew anything. The disc drive uses a single connector to attach to the motherboard.

There are claims that fans who purchase the disc edition of the new PS5 Slim still need a one-off internet connection to pair the new disc drive—which can be detached. While we suspect it is a security feature that Sony has put in place to verify the legitimacy of any attached disc drive, it has been criticized by video game conservation activists.

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