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You know that you have done something remarkable when those who have been there before turn around and heap accolades on you. The team of developers at Sabotage Studio must be holding their heads high after listening to Chrono Trigger creators heap praises on Sea of Stars.

Sea Of Stars Receives Massive Accolades From Chrono Trigger Creators

Sea of Stars is a classic RPG developed by Sabotage Studio. The game was a massive hit and won the Best Independent Game at The Game Awards 2023 as well as the Best Indie Game at Golden Joystick Awards. Sea of Stars was warmly received after its launch on August 29. On Metacritic, it earned the highest average score of 91 on Nintendo Switch, 89 on Xbox Series X, 87 on PC, and 86 on PS5.

During a recent interview, the creators of Chrono Trigger—which hit universal acclaim and listed as Metacritic’s must-play game—spoke highly of Sea of Stars. The trio of Kazuhiko Torishima, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Yuji Horii said Sea of Stars excelled visually and brought back the nostalgic experience of the classic RPGs of the 16-bit era. They commented after Sakaguchi brought the trailer of Sea of Stars and showed the other two.

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“Wow, they did a great job,” said Horii, “it looks just like Chrono Trigger… it’s beautiful… that’s great!”.

“Look, it’s the same!” Sakaguchi exclaimed. “When I saw it I thought they really did their best and did a great job.”

Sea Of Stars Receives Massive Accolades From Chrono Trigger Creators

Creators of Chrono Trigger

Torishima on his part said the game was nostalgic. The trio could not hold back their excitement after seeing Sea of Stars. In the interview, they were asked about the possibility of having a Chrono Trigger 2. They answered that it was unlikely.

Getting an accolade from the creators of a game that is widely regarded as the greatest RPG of all time surely means a lot to the developers of Sea of Stars. The excitement around the August 2023 release dwells heavily on how well it captured the essence of Chrono Trigger but with better visual appeal.

Sea of Stars will patch out The Completionist’s cameo

Sea Of Stars Receives Massive Accolades From Chrono Trigger Creators

Sea of Stars creators have made the tough decision of patching out The Completionist’s (Jirad Khalil) cameo after a charity scandal surfaced online involving the YouTuber. The YouTuber was accused by fellow YouTubers Karl Jobst and Mutahar of keeping around $600,000 donated to his Open Hands charity instead of donating the money.

Khalil did not deny the accusation but said there was no malicious intent behind the decision to keep the money while also stating that the money was intact. He claimed that he was “looking for the right foundation to send money to”. At some point, Khalil appeared to threaten his accusers with legal action.

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The saga is far from over as Jobst and Mutahar are standing their ground on their fund mismanagement claim. In all the drama, Khalil is the ultimate loser as his cameo in Sea of Stars which he considers his personal game of the year will be patched out. Sabotage Studio released a statement to that effect.

Sea Of Stars Receives Massive Accolades From Chrono Trigger Creators

Chrono Trigger

“A small patch will be going live on Steam and be submitted to consoles soon to replace the builder NPC in Mirth. We arrived at this decision after carefully monitoring events over the past few weeks, and while it is not our place to pass judgment, we do make it a priority to maintain a positive and optimistic space that reflects the spirit of our intentions, be they creative or otherwise.”

While Sabotage Studio did not expressly pass judgment on The Completionist, they sort of perceived that the association with the YouTuber may hurt Sea of Stars. Patching him out is more of a precautionary decision.

A similar scenario played out earlier this year when Call of Duty removed popular streamer NickMercs’ skin after he made anti-LGBTQ comments. In solidarity, his friend TimtheTatman also requested the removal of his skin. That has since raised questions on whether it is a wise decision to use the skin of streamers or YouTubers in games.

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