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Last year, Sony held a PlayStation Showcase in May which ran for over an hour and included lots of reveals. It was at the event that the PlayStation Portal was first unveiled. May is just a month away, and many gamers are already wondering if Sony will make the May PlayStation Showcase a staple.

Will PlayStation Showcase Hold In May This Year?

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb said he’d heard several times that Sony was either planning a State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase in May. While this is only a rumor at this time, many gamers will likely not be surprised if a PlayStation Showcase happens in May. With the death of E3, big publishers have resorted to proprietary showcases.

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“I have heard that there will be a PlayStation something, either a State of Play or a Showcase, next month, in May, so this is probably going to be there,” Grubb said. “I’ve heard both a Showcase and maybe State of Play,” Grubb added. “It seems like it might lean towards Showcase, it’s definitely in that timeframe of when they did the Showcase last year.”

Helldiverse 2 and Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater were first announced during last year’s PlayStation Showcase. The majority of the over 30 games that featured in last year’s showcase have either been released or have gotten a release date.

Will PlayStation Showcase Hold In May This Year?

On January 31, 2024, Sony held a State of Play digital event that showcased the gameplay of Helldivers 2 and Dragon’s Dogma 2—both of which have now been released and performing well commercially. Capcom recently announced that Dragon’s Dogma has sold over 2.5 million units globally. The number is coming less than two weeks after the release of the game.

Silent Hills 2 Remake rumored to feature in PlayStation Showcase

Grubb said that the Silent Hills 2 remake is one of the games that will likely be shown at PlayStation Showcase—if the event is held in May as rumored. The horror game was earlier rated by the Korean rating board and the North American rating body, the ESRB, recently did the same.

Will PlayStation Showcase Hold In May This Year?

The rating of the game by the ESRB was shared by X user @Wario64. The game was rated Mature 17+ and the rating summary said, “This is a horror adventure game in which players assume the role of a man returning to a mysterious town while being tormented by his past”.

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“From a third-person perspective, players explore the town of Silent Hill, interact with characters, and battle humans and creatures (e.g., Pyramid Head, mannequins, monsters). Players use pistols, shotguns, rifles, and knives to kill enemies. Combat is highlighted by realistic gunfire, cries of pain, and blood-splatter effects.”

Will PlayStation Showcase Hold In May This Year?

After the most recent trailer of the game, the president of Bloober Team, the developer in charge of bringing the remake to life, said the trailer didn’t sell the game’s best image. In an interview with a Polish investor news channel and transcribed by Eurogamer Poland, Bloober Team president Piotr Babieno was asked to react to the trailer.

In response, Babieno said the latest trailer wasn’t representative of the game that Bloober Team is working on and added that he understood the negative comments it raised, some of which were directed at the developer.

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“I wrote those negative comments myself,” Babieno allegedly joked, saying: “In all seriousness, we are not responsible for the marketing side.”

“That is entirely the responsibility of our partner,” Babieno said, referring to Konami. “Certainly, this trailer does not reflect the spirit of the game. It is not the spirit of either what it used to be or what we are creating now.”

“We are trying to fully reflect this romantic vision about the game, which debuted 22 years ago. We think that when players see the real gameplay, the real game, they will judge it in a completely different way.”

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