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The second-ever Xbox Partner Preview lasted for 30 minutes but I wished it stretched on for a few more minutes. It was 30 minutes of non-stop action that kept me glued to my seat—sometimes gaping in awe at fresh story arcs. Here are the games that I’ll be adding to my anticipation list.

Unknown 9: Awakening

2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

From the get-go, the Xbox Partner Preview was a bang. The first game to be revealed was Unknown9: Awakening by Reflector and Bandai Namco. Its blend of magic combat and stealth felt like what happens when you cross Assassin’s Creed and Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. It is scheduled for release in Summer 2024.

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Sleight of Hand

2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

The upcoming release for RiffRaff Games was the game I was referring to when I talked about a fresh story arc. It’s another game where magic meets a pack of cards. It was described as “a hard-boiled 3rd-person stealth sim”. There is no release date for it yet, but it is one of the games from the Xbox Partner Preview that I am looking forward to.

Alters: All By Myself

2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

Every time we make a choice, we are often faced with multiple possibilities. What if we had the chance to see what the outcome would be if we had chosen another option than the one we did? In Alters, all the outcomes of your possibilities are personified and you must do everything possible to keep them in unity. Weird stuff! Alters is the creation of 11 Bit Studios. There is no release date for it yet.

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Sinking City 2

2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

Frogwares’ Sinking City 2 is one of the Xbox Partner Preview reveals that I am adding to my to-play list right away. “Experience a heart-pounding survival horror as you explore the flooded city of Arkham and fight eldritch monsters beyond human comprehension,” read the game’s blurb on Steam. It was given a 2025 release window.

Tales of Kenzera Zau

2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

Surgent Studios and EA Originals shared a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game at the Xbox Partner Preview—and it reinforced my admiration for the upcoming game. The game was first announced at the Summer Game Fest last year and it is interesting to see more of its action. The 2D platformer received support from Ridley Scott Creative Group and Critical Role. If you loved Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, there is a huge chance you will love this one too.

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2nd Ever Xbox Partner Preview Adds A Slew Of Games To Our Anticipation List

There is no denying that I am a strong Capcom fan, and I am excited about their new IP, Kanitsu-Gami. Although it was showcased at Xbox Partner Preview, we will surely have a more in-depth look at it at the Capcom Highlights digital event today. It’s a game where you guide spirits during the day and fight demons at nighttime. One thing I love about Capcom is how their IPs always pay tribute to Japanese culture. Kanitsu-Gami has a 2024 release window but no specific date yet.

Every other thing announced at Xbox Partner Preview

While the above games I highlighted are the ones I will be adding to my to-play list, they are by no means the only games showcased at the March 6 Xbox Partner Preview. Below is the list of every other game that was announced or showcased and their release date or window.

  • Creatures of Ava (2024)
  • Griefville: Survive the Nightmare! X Chucky (available now)
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online (March 21, 2024 on Xbox)
  • Stalker: Legends of the Zone Trilogy (available now on Xbox)
  • Monster Jam: Showdown (2024)
  • Persona 2: Reload expansions (Wave on March 12, Wave 2 in May, Wave 3 in September)
  • The First Berserker: Khazan
  • Frostpunk 2 (July 25, 2024)

Which of the games announced or showcased at the Xbox Partner Preview excited you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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