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Rockstar Games is no stranger to making big bets. However, spending up to a billion dollars on game production will be on a whole new level. That is just how much a popular YouTuber called INTER suggests it would cost Rockstar to make Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand theft auto 6

The sixth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is arguably one of the most hyped games in recent times. Millions of fans have their eyes peeled for news about the upcoming game. It is not surprising that our post on GTA 6 trailer leak was the best-performing post in April.

According to the YouTuber, the making of the game alone could cost over $250 million. That figure will likely be blown to the billion-dollar mark when you add the cost of marketing, advertising, and other related fees the game is going to rake up along the way.

From the leaks we have seen, GTA 6 is going to have a larger map which will take more work to fill up the worlds so that gamers don’t get a repeat of Redfall. This takes time and lots of money to achieve.

While the amount is alarming, it is nothing that Rockstar cannot offset. The game developer has made lots of money for the previous games in the franchise including GTA Online. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the company will be running into any financial risk by spending that amount of money. However, things may get really bad if the game performs below expectations after its release.

According to INTER, the risk of spending such an amount on a game is lessened by how much fans are anticipating the game. The likelihood that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a flop is minimal. Apart from the official announcement that the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 has begun, Rockstar has been mum on the game’s development progression. This is likely deliberate to create more anticipation among fans.

Rockstar Games is notorious for aggressive marketing and Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be different

Grand theft auto 6

Bill Gates once said that “Content is kind”. However, Gary Vaynerchuk extended the quote to “Content is king but marketing is queen, and runs the household”. No matter how good your content is, without the right level of marketing, it will remain undiscovered.

Rockstar Games understands this which is why they are expected to go all out with the marketing and promotion of Grand Theft Auto 6. They will likely outdo the $150 million earmarked for the marketing of GTA 5. That amount paid off as the game grossed half a billion in the first 24 hours and crossed the $1 billion mark in 3 days.

If anything is certain, it is that Rockstar will likely exceed the marketing budget of GTA 5 in the upcoming release. Rockstar Games leaves no stone unturned when it comes to marketing. They have a way of putting their games in the faces of fans so that they eat and dream about the game.

So far, Rockstar has not revealed any date for the release of GTA 6, although all fingers are pointing to 2025. The longer the game development lasts, the more money Rockstar will burn in paying the salaries of its staff as well as equipment costs.

If Rockstar introduces co-op play in GTA 6, they need to do this too…

A hyper-realistic picture of GTA 6

There are speculations that Grand Theft Auto 6 will introduce co-operative elements in the story mode. If that becomes a reality, it would be a first for the GTA franchise. Some analysts suggest that Rockstar should consider competitive online play for its story mode too.

Fans of the franchise have already been introduced to the concept of multiple protagonists in single-player mode. However, GTA 6 leaks suggest that Rockstar will take that feeling deeper with a more intimate dual-protagonist approach. That will also be the perfect dynamic for a co-operative play.

One angle to co-operative play is having two friends play the game simultaneously with each of them controlling one of the protagonists. The other angle is giving the game a multiplayer experience, just like the Grand Theft Auto Online which fans say gives a level of freedom that is nothing compared to the single-player mode.

GTA Online gives players the opportunity to choose between head-to-head PvP in most gameplay avenues or teamwork-oriented co-op play. There are many things that Rockstar can do with Grand Theft Auto 6 co-op mode including having players square off in street races against each other and offering enticing rewards to the winner.

The stakes are really high for GTA 6 and we are certain that with Rockstar’s incredible attention to detail, they will deliver a game that is even more competitive and addictive than GTA 5.

What features would you love Rockstar to introduce in the upcoming GTA 6? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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